Walk and Talk in Korean – Episode 6


Welcome to another Walk and Talk in Korean episode! Most of you know that it has rained quite intensely over the week or so in Korea and we wanted to share the atmosphere with you, so 경은 and 효진 went outside to film this. As requested, this episode has both Korean and English subtitles embedded inside the video. We hope you enjoy it!

Walk and Talk in Korean – Episode 6
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  • ** first comment **
    Great video.

  • Teasha

    Thank you for being so thoughtful and going outside in such bad weather. I really appreciate all our TTMIK teachers do for us!

    • nekiragi

      저도 이렇게 생각해요! Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Video. 너무 좋아해요!

  • dewimoedz

    is rainy lots when summer in korea, 선생님??
    is summer in korea, isn’t it?????ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    *no idea at all..

  • 앗 >””<
    어쩐지 거의 모든 읽던 책에 '천만에요' 나오네요.
    자연스럽지 않은 표현을 가르쳐줬네

  • Michael M

    서울에 비가 많이 와도 대구에 비가 별로 안와요. 그런데 비가 올레요. 너무 더워요!

  • Wow, that driver behind you was very nice. in the white car.

  • you guys are troopers 🙂

  • wintergreen

    이 Walk and Talk 동영상이 정말 좋아요! 재미있게 몇 번이나 반복해서 보았어요. ^^
    비가 그렇게 많이 왔어도 밖에 나가시고 촬열까지 해 주신 것은 정말 훌륭했습니다.
    이 비디오 제작을 참여하신 선생님들 모두 수고 많으셨습니다!! 감사드립니다! ^^

    즐거운 주마 보내세요.

    • 네, 레슨도 아닌데 정말 배우기 돼요. Walk & talk 많이 올려주세요~항상 잘 보고있습니다. ^^

      즐거운 주말 되세요.

  • 좋은~사람

    내 나라에서도 지금 비가 진짜 많이 오고 있어요! ㅠㅠ 그래서 지금 내 집에 있어요.
    비가 싫어요!

    I hope somehow i wrote it correctly ^^.

  • Phil

    If you could put the “Walk and Talk” band below the actual subtitles, we’d be able to also watch your videos in fullscreen & still be able to read the subtitles! (It’s the fault of YouTube still, I know, but I guess they won’t ever change it…)
    So just heighten the subtitle display a bit, to make them readable. Thanks!

  • Carl

    I liked the two little figures going from right to left. It was kinda cool. Nice video. Thanks.

  • Sasan

    Hi !
    Thanks but I couldn`t find the download link ?!