[Video] Walk and Talk in Korean – Episode 8


In this episode of Walk and Talk in Korean, 경화 and 효진 go to 청계천 (The Cheonggyecheon Stream) to talk about the place as well as their memories related to the artificial stream flowing in the northern part of Seoul. Have you been to Cheonggyecheon before when you visited Korea? If so, did you like the place? What were your favorite things about the place? Let us know in the comments!

The English translation is available inside the video player (Click the CC button to see it). The Korean script as well as detailed vocab and grammar breakdown for this video will be available soon at MyKoreanStore.com.

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[Video] Walk and Talk in Korean – Episode 8
  • Sajeda

    It is REALLY long i mean it takes A WHOLE HOUR but if one day i was lucky and i went to Korea i will go Everywhere *.*

  • I enjoyed the video! One thing…what is playground in Korean? I couldn’t hear it very well in the video. Thanks!

    • Julian

      놀이터 is how you say playground in Korean. 🙂

  • Rene


    First i want to say your site is awesome. (진짜 촣아요)
    Really gave me the motivation to getting started with study Korean again.

    Im from Austria/Europe. (오스트리아 사람 입니다)
    My korean wife and her friend showed me the 청계천 when weve been in Korea last year.
    Really was suprised that such a calm and relaxing place exist in the Megacity Seoul.
    Was very nice to experience.
    When we visited there, kinda event was going on, so in the stream itself they built up many figures like flowers, birds and folklore characters.

    Actually i wish i could have seen the light festival this year.
    My sister in law was there and sent us amazing pictures.
    I hope i can see it someday myself.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


  • lean


  • Romain


    그 동영상이 정말 재미있어요. 하지만, 저는 선생님이 한국어로 한 말을 이해 아직 잘 못해요^^
    한국어 듣기가 너무 어려운 일이에요. 날마다 연습해도 그래요 ㅜㅜ
    근데 제가 한국어를 완전히 이해하는 그런 날 꼭 일어날 걸 알죠^^

    안녕히 게세요

  • Thomas


    Korean is a beautiful language.

    With that off my chest, yes, I’ve been to 청계천 when I was in Korea this summer. It’s a very beautiful stream and I can’t believe it used to be a highway! When I was there, it was very hot with clear, sunny skies and there were _a lot_ of people down there, resting and cooling off at the side of the stream and in the shades of the many bridges crossing the stream. Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit it when it was dark. I’ve heard they turn on a lot of beautiful lights. Would I go back if I get the chance some day? Oh yes.

  • Lillian

    I went to Seoul before but we didn’t walk along 청계천. We just went straight to Dongdaemun ! Next time, I’ll spend more time there and enjoy the beautiful scene.

  • i enjoy reading and trying to learn korean but i need a lot of help..

  • Old Boy

    TTMIK is great, but TTMIK & WTMIK is even greater.
    In other words, Korean subtitles would be very much appreciated!!

  • Lori Allen

    I was in Seoul from April 17 to May 9. I stayed with a family in a homestay setting. The family consisted of husband, wife and sons ages 11 and 15. Much nicer than a hotel!
    After the first visit to Changgyecheon, something, maybe the peacefulness, kept drawing me back again and again. Such a beautiful place!
    I fell in love with Korea and the wonderful Korean people.
    I was fortunate enough to visit Kwangju, Suwon and even Paju City!
    I liked it so much I plan to go and stay a whole month next year in the fall.
    By the way, I am 73 years old, made the trip alone and STILL had the greatest time of my life! SEOUL, 좋아요!! 사랑해!!

  • zt

    I went to Cheongyecheon when visiting Seoul in early May last year. During that time, there was a friendship festival going on. There were bazaars from many countries in the world and I enjoyed eating and watching the performances. Then I took a stroll halfway along the stream and it was so beautiful. The weather was sunny and the sound of the stream was calming.
    Wish to visit S.Korea again soon ^^