What happens next?


    경은 walks down the street and finds 현우 and 석진 battling (b-boying/breakdance) for 효진, which, eventually, walks away with 경은, leaving them behind with broken hearts </3 — All of this with lots of funny and useful dialogs!

    어때요!? 😀

    • taey

      I was thinking of b-boying, too! Great idea

  • yads

    as 경은 walks on, people start noticing her. one by one, the windows and doors of the houses along the road, open. with eyes dreamy and mouths agape they gaze at her, mesmerized… captivated by some oozing mystery… car windows slide down and more pairs of eyes follow her every step… she’s not in Korea but people begin uttering Korean expressions that seem to exude from 경은’s sheer presence~ “우와! 너무 예쁘다” “그 여자가 누구예요”? “그 여자는 천사 같아요”…. etc. (sorry i’m still on level 3, please add more useful expressions) 🙂 경은, oblivious to everything around her, just walks on. she never stops walking on…. and on.. .and on and on and on………………………………………………. J/K!! <3


    I think this would be fun!경은 walks down the street and people think she is a famous actor and come to take pictures with her.People didn’t realize that the real actor was at the same street looking at them and thinking why didn’t they realize her!

  • Aki

    While KyeongEun is walking and here comes the super villain Hyunwoo and tried to hurt her, but Ultra Seokjin came and beat hyunwoo severely. And KyeongEun was very happy that she hug Ultra Seokjin. End. hahaha sound so childish. >.<

  • this is my answer on your latest video “kyeong eun ssi is walking…”

    kyeong eun ssi then meet hyon woo but she ignored him then she cried. hyon woo ssi asked why but she still walked away.

    …because of her sadness, she went to a shop and order 3 shots of soju. she cried and cry. seok jin ssi together with all teachers surprises her and try to be happy but still, kyeong eun ssi is sad.

    so hyo jin an ssi comfort her so kyeong eun ssi said her problem. the problem is, she will go on America so she cannot teach korean in talk to me in korean.

    when the public know it, they protest. all of ttmik fans asked her not to leave. some cried, some suicide, but a student named josquine said, “don’t leave. we can’t leave without you. how can we continue our passion in korean. i can’t learn without you. i, hyon woo ssi and all will be sad.” she did not say any word and she left.

    on office, she watches her video and listening to the podcasts she made with hyon woo. she is remembering her memories in talk to me in korean. that makes her cry more. she thinks about what might happen if she’ll go in korea. she will miss hyon woo, her nephew, hyon woo sonsaengnim, hyon jin, seok jin and all teachers. but the most important, she will miss her millions of listeners.

    she went on the top floor of the building. people thought she will suicide. but the real thing is, she wants to stay and she smiled and canceled her flight into america.. =)

  • taey

    kyeong-un is a detective who’s looking for seok-jin, the infamous sneaker bandit. As kyeong-un walks down the street she meets hyeo-jin who lost her sneakers to the sneaker bandit (seok-jin). As kyeog-un is taking note of the incident, hyeo-jin points out seok-jin who she sees across the way robbing hyun-woo of his sneakers. Seok-jin takes off running with Hyun-woo’s shoes, but kyeong-un’s too fast, and he runs into her. Hyun-woo and Hyeo-jin’s shoes are thrown into the air and land at Hyun-woo and Hyeo-jin’s feet. Kyeong-un saves day.

    Hyun-woo’s so happy he starts b-boying.

  • Stefano

    경은 finds the TTMIK teachers at the end of the street. They look normal BUT… when she tries to talk to them in Korean, they cannot understand anything she says. They just speak in English with funny American accents. They have all suddenly forgotten how to speak Korean, so 경은 must find out what happened to them and fix the problem before it’s too late!

    • Stefano

      Also, 저는 5월 때 결혼식 하러 약혼자랑 친구 10명이랑 다 같이 한국에 가는데… 시간 있으면 꼭 TTMIK 선생님들을 만나고 싶어요. 어때요?


  • Nha Chi Nguyen

    I think that kyeong eun is walking down the street in a gloomy day. Listening to her music and having earphones in that she could not hear hyun woo is horning. He has accidentally bumped in to her. As the result he takes her to the hospital . At there she has found the other half side that she has been looking for. If possible the proposal would be the best thing ever in this world for us ” learners” Thanks

    • Jonathan Leak

      I sense a Drama TTMIK style! 😀

  • Adam

    She is walking and a car drives by her. The driver is looking at her and crashes into the wall. Hearing the crash, some neighbors come out and find the car crash and the driver unharmed. Then begin yelling at one another. The girl didn’t hear the car crash or the yelling. As she gets further away, a police car whizzes by. Once again she doesn’t hear the siren. She keeps walking and more and more things happen around her but she never turns or hears anything.

  • sasan

    Maybe a competition !

  • Thanks for all the great ideas! : ) Keep them coming!!!

    • Thank you very much 선현우씨

    • 우아.. 그 단어들 너무 커 보여요~ ㅎ

  • I think she was in a bad mood because her facial expression didn’t look great in last shot. So I imagine the situation is “she is disappointed in love”.After a quarrel with her boyfriend, they broke up with. Then she walked down the street with the background music and somebody gave her a sudden call.(maybe there comes a frame of a man talking on cell phone with her) The man apologized for his bad. He implored her to get back together. The man touched her heart. She saw her boyfriend is watching TV (maybe he could make a funny laugh) when she came back to the house. She felt confused. The cell phone rang again. The man apologized to her again for making a wrong call. She looked at her boyfriend with stupefied pose. Then she slammed on the door. The shot back to the street. She crossed the crossroad(and keep on the music).

  • PrimadonnaFT

    kyeong-un and Hyun-woo met at a cafe. feeling playful that day (1st april),
    Hyun-woo decided to play a prank on kyeong-un, he pretended that he wanted to breakup with her, pissed off she leaves the café. on her way back home. A very expensive(or not ^^) car stops just in front of her. At first she ignores it, until he lowered the window revealing Seokjin, her ex boy friend who left 3 years ago to China where he started a business that made him the rich man that he is today. Already forgotten about Hyun Woo she decided to hang out Seokjin. Later that day, Seokjin drove her back home, at her surprise she founds Hyunwoo Infront of her door. It’s then when he explains that it was just a prank. Seeing his new girlfriend talking to a guy, Seokjin decides to get off the car and introduce himself as the new boyfriend, leading the two guys into a fight. The end.