Winner Announcement – Korean Cosmetics Giveaway with WishTrend

  • Devan Patel

    how or where do i retreive my prize?

  • i want to speak in to speak in korean?

    • 히엔

      매일 연습하자.

  • Frinzy

    whoa! wanna join too. :O
    how am i gonna join here? anybody? 😮

  • Frinzy

    I wanna join too.. LOL

  • annyeong haseyo!! ottoshimnikka
    Chonun marce Menard Bongar Imnida
    I’m Visiting In this Site!! Because I want To Know How To Speak Korean Clearly!
    and I want To know How To Write Hangul!!
    Did you Want to know The Reason Why I want To Learned!

    Please Feedback!!