[Video] How NOT to say “You’re welcome.” in Korean


Do you know how to say “You’re welcome” in Korean, when someone says “Thank you” (고맙습니다/감사합니다) to you?

Many Korean textbooks teach the expression “천만에요 [cheon-ma-ne-yo]” as the proper response for 고맙습니다 [go-map-seum-ni-da] and 감사합니다 [gam-sa-ham-ni-da], both of which means “Thank you”, but 천만에요 is not really used very often in everyday modern Korean.

Instead, what you most commonly hear is 아니에요 [a-ni-e-yo].

Follow the link below to listen to a full-length audio lesson about what 천만에요 originally means:

[Ask Hyojin] What does 천만에요 mean?

Thank you as always for studying with us!!!!

[Video] How NOT to say “You’re welcome.” in Korean
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  • SC

    So useful! And LOL to the video! 효진샘이 좀 깡패같았어욬ㅋㅋ

  • 사라


    I just asked my Penpal about this 2 days ago, but she didnt tell me what you say just that 천만에요 isn’t used.

    So helpful!! =D

  • did Hyo-jin eonnie say 뭐 하는 것 예요 ?

  • 알이욘

    감사합니다! for the info, i like the vid and i enjoyed watching it!..

  • I really appreciate everything you have done for Korean learners.

  • orli 오르리

    nice one! 🙂 but actually all the videos are nice and great and useful. since I get to know this site (i’m at level 5) I’m addicted !! I’m from Israel and i really love hanguk and i’ll try hard to know the language. thank you so much 수고하셨습니다

  • Thanks for the video, it was very fun to watch and useful as well! ^^

  • great video!!!!! we need natural expressions, and this is the best place to learn them ^_^ thank you!!!!

  • Carl


  • jeimy

    This video makes me remember when I was a child, a boy, who was practicing for a magic show, took my money and vanished it in the air .

    In this case, i know they returned the money to you, right !.
    they are good people, aren´t they?.

    Ah.!…… thank you for the lesson, really entertain,…… as always. 😉
    you are the best!

  • cecily

    That was fun and educational.Thanks:)

  • Samuel

    Thanks for the video, it’s very useful !

  • Jan

    But what about in the restaurant, they se 감사합니다 when you leave, seems to be odd to say 아니에요, so in that case it should be replied with 감사합니다 as well?

    • When my mom and I eat out and we’re leaving, she would simply say 감사합니다 back at them. (:

  • 선생님들,
    이게 최고다!!! ㅎㅎㅎ..
    꼭 자주 쓸게요

  • ibrahim

    Very nice. I love it. I am learning more Korean from you guys than my regular Korean class.

  • Aysenur Toptas

    덕분에 재미 있게 공부해요. 정말 감사합니다…

  • 시혁

    효진씨는 여기 메인 야쿠자 이에요 🙂

  • sarujin

    The video is super cute! And super helpful too! Thank you for making it. ^_^

    I hope you do more of these. It’s great to hear vocab being used in context, and the funny skits make it easier for me to remember how to use the phrases. ^_^ The only thing that could make it any better would be a transcript! (I’m still not very good at picking out words… ^^;;; )

  • parkgrr


    As a korean born in the US… I’VE ALWAYS WONDERED ABOUT THIS!

    To the TTMK staff: 정말 감사합니다! Your lessons are always wonderfully entertaining and informative .. You guys are the best of the web!

    하지만 질문이 있습니다.. When is it more natural to use “천만에요”?

    • It seems 천만에요 is never natural in any circumstance as the expression “You’re welcome.” However, when you look into the literal meaning, it means something like, No! No way! It can’t be possible. (So I guess this is where all this 천만에요 expression in the Korean textbooks came from. Its meaning is the same with 아니에요.)

      It is natural when you use this expression to actually say “No way, it’s not true!” in a certain context. I navered it.. and common usage of this expression is as follows..

      자기 자식은 다 예뻐 보인다구요? 천만에요.
      뱀피무늬구두 징그럽다구? 천만에요.
      노는 애들이라고요? 천만에요.
      청춘들의 연애만 사랑인가요? 천만에요. 나이가 든 평범한 여성이라도 얼마든지 낭만적인 사랑을 할 수 있다고요.
      소녀시대·2NE1 부럽냐구요? 천만에요.
      주식이 운이라고요? 천만에요!

      If I make one or two, ..

      Do you think I won the first prize with luck? 천만에요! I have put my efforts into this for months!
      Are you saying that Korean men don’t have a sense of humor? 천만에요! You just haven’t met one!

      Hope this helps! 😀

  • Jordan

    Nice and Interesting video! Its not so “formal” so I believe viewers (at least for me) are able to learn easily and remember it. =)

  • Hangie

    재있게 봤어요^^
    항상 사용하수있는 말이 예요!!
    영상도 아주 재밌어용~~ 😀

  • Bashment

    great episode

  • parkgrr

    @ Youngbin

    😮 You made this lesson perfect..
    me: ~영빈씨, 정말 감사합니다!
    you: 아니에요!

  • 원정

    혹시 좀 더 어려운 거 있어요? 일상 생활에서 많이 쓰이는 구어를 가르쳐 주세요~

    • 네. 다른 표현들도 곧 나올 거예요. 🙂

  • my

    how fun it is.i lol hahahaha

  • Titha

    Love your lessons and videos. Thanks a lot!!

  • Nhan

    How about 뭘요? I learn that 뭘요 also means you’re welcome, don’t mention it.

  • januar uno

    very funny…. ,Lol.


    I want to find a penpal in Korea!

  • Nicholas Roche

    what about 별 말씀을요? Is that except-able?

    • Seokjin Jin

      Well, you still can use the expression but it sounds too formal so that we don’t often use it in daily conversation.