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Thank you for studying with Talk To Me In Korean! 


We made Talk To Me In Korean in 2009 to help learners around the world learn Korean more effectively through fun and simple lessons, and we have been able to reach some amazing goals and more than 2,500,000 people have studied Korean through our lessons so far. We couldn’t have done this with the love and support of our listeners!


Free Korean lessons for everybody

Our biggest goal is to make Korean learning enjoyable and accessible to everybody, and that is why we decided to provide most of our content freely available to everybody, for free. We have published more than 800 Korean lessons since the creation of the website, and we would like to continue to do so.

Regular Sponsorship

If you like what we do and would like to help us continue to make free Korean learning material, please consider becoming a sponsoring member. When you register as a sponsoring member of Talk To Me In Korean, you will receive the following perks every month, as well as regular newsletters about our latest lessons and projects, and invitations to our meet-ups in Seoul.

Sponsor Perks

If you sponsor us with $5, you will receive a thank you e-mail at the end of each month with information on our latest lessons and our future events and plans.
If you sponsor us with $10, you will receive a different hand-written postcard from the Talk To Me In Korean team each month, as well as a thank you e-mail at the end of each month.
Sponsor us with $30, and you will receive one e-book that we produce each month, sent to you via e-mail.
Sponsor us with $50, and you will receive one letter each month from us (written in Korean or English) as well as an e-book that we produce.
If you sponsor us with $100, you will receive one book each month published by us. (If we don’t have a book published in that month, we will send you another Korean book.)
If you sponsor us with $300, we will send you every product we publish (e-books and books included) for that month.)
If you sponsor us with $1000, we will make a video about any specific topic you want.


Or if you prefer a one-time support, you can use the following options. All the perks above are also applied to one-time sponsorships too.



Every little bit helps us tremendously in our efforts to provide good quality Korean learning material and make it accessible to more people. We truly appreciate your love and support! If you can’t become a regular sponsor, you can still support us by shopping from our online store.

Our current sponsors

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We will continue to do our best to help make the Korean learning experience an enjoyable and rewarding one for you. 앞으로도 TTMIK과 함께 즐겁게 공부해요. 감사합니다!

  • Keo Sophanna

    I really want to study Korean language with you so much, but i don’t know how can i do? because i don’t have a lot of free time. I’m only a worker, now i’m working at Guangju, help me please!

    • Katie

      You should download the lessons so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. That is what I do when I don’t have a lot of free time. I put mine on an ipod.

    • Kung Sereyvuth

      as I see your English understanding via your sentence, I think you good at English so that it. English is a bridge to send you to learn another languages. Search it yourself in google search by typing ” korean learning sites”. any information contact me 010 5191 1992. I am Cambodian.

  • Alvin Chua Teck Wei

    Hi TTMIK Team, I had recently became a regular sponsor as I really find your resources useful, my girlfriend is a Korean and I am meeting her parents soon for the 1st time, as I do not speak Korean, which resources is recommended for greetings and conversation with her parents? Thank you.

  • Nick Desmond

    안녕 하세요~~ I recently became a sponsor a few months ago as I don’t think I could survive here in Korea without your awesome resources and lessons!
    I never got an email or anything about becoming a sponsor 🙁 is there any way I can check you are getting my money!!
    I love talk to me in Korean ^^~~

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for your sponsorship, Nick. You have been getting one of our e-books every month as a sponsor perk, right? If not, please email us at to correct your email address. =)

    • Nick Desmond

      네~ 달마다 많은 재미있는 것을 받았어요! 고맙습니다 ^^ 그런 것을 계속 만들어 주세요 ㅋ
      그런데 오늘은 크리스마스인데, 가족이랑 푹 쉬세요! 맛있는 것도 잘 먹으세요 ^^
      메리 크리스마스~

  • Nate B.

    Are your books available in any stores? I am currently in Suwon, and I want to visit your coffee shop soon! However, if I can buy your books anywhere in this area it would be great.

  • Rim

    이런 좋은 싸이트가 있었네여.. 최근에 외국인 친구들과 채팅하게 되어 한국어 학습 싸이트를 알려주려고 검색하다가 오게 됐어요. 정말 국위선양하시네여, 너무 멋지심 ㅜ_ ㅜb
    당장 스폰서를 하기엔 제 재정이 불안정해서;; 안정되면 미약하나마 스폰서 지원할게요!

    • KyungHwa Sun

      관심 가져 주셔서 감사합니다! 🙂

  • David Levesque

    There is something that a lot of websites/youtube channels use these days to get sponsors/patrons, and that is . Might be worth a look, seems to be working well for a lot of artists, you definitely produce a lot of quality content, that tends to work well with this type of crowdfunding. Thanks for all the ebooks, so far my way of paying for TTMIK 🙂

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for letting us know!

  • ellana bessen

    I have bought your Hanguel package and am still waiting for the ebook and audio link. Please send this. We received the text books but not the link for the audio. Please check on this and send it right away.

  • Bennett Seacrist

    Is still the email one should use RE: the sponsorship rewards? I don’t sponsor to get the rewards but it would still be nice to get them. 🙂

  • Zizi

    Hello. I have just purchased the level 1 grammar and workbook and was wondering if you can suggest what would be the next book to buy? There is a lot of books but I am not sure which one to follow after I am done with the level 1 books.

  • Wow I think this concept is similar to those pay as you like restaurants! It’s very generous of you to provide free quality material for everyone to study. THANKS SO MUCH! I’ll buy a book soon

  • Raymond

    Wrong Usage of English. It should be “All perks above also applies to one-time sponsorship.”

    • Matt Weiss

      The sentence they wrote is just fine. It isn’t wrong.

  • yeji

    한국어를 가르치고 싶어서 공부하고 있는 학생입니다. 진짜 정말 너무 멋지셔요!! 늘 응원하고 있습니다.

  • 신은찬

    If you want to learn Korean from a Korean, and you are from England, contact me.