Survey: What Korean Expressions Did You Find Helpful to Know? (While Working in Korea)

Hi, everyone!

If you are a native English speaker and want to come to Korea, we believe you have considered coming to Korea as an English teacher.

There are already a number of English teachers teaching English in Korea.

We, the Talk To Me In Korean team, are currently working on Korean lessons for English teachers who are preparing to come to Korea or are already living in Korea.

In order to make our lessons more useful and helpful to the current and future English teachers, we would like to ask some questions to those who have already experienced applying for a teaching job in Korea, living in Korea or teaching in Korea.

If you have taught in Korea or are currently living in Korea for teaching, please let us know your opinion!

You can answer some questions we have by clicking the link below.

Please click here to submit your answers

Any suggestion as to what kind of sentences or expressions we should teach is welcome!

We will appreciate your participation.

Thank you always for studying with us!