Korean Immersion Tour

Korean Immersion Tour with TTMIK – Meet us and Practice Speaking Korean

We made this video to tell you a little bit more about what you can expect on a Korean Immersion Tour with TTMIK. You can meet with us and practice speaking Korean in person! We are doing this because we know that it can be quite difficult to get a lot of opportunities to really speak to someone in Korean (other than occasional “안녕하세요”s and “감사합니다”s even if you live in Korea or travel for a long time.

You can see the schedule for all the upcoming tours on our meetup page:

Korean Immersion Tours in Seoul


We are finally officially starting our Korean Immersion Tours. We do this because even if you spend some time in Korea and take Korean courses in a school, it can be difficult to find a truly immersive experience where you are required to speak ONLY in Korean. So through these tours, you can meet with us and have the opportunity to actually practice speaking in Korean and also reinforce what you are learning.

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Korean Immersion Tour with Hyunwoo


안녕하세요! I’m Hyunwoo from Talk To Me In Korean. Thank you for studying Korean on our website and with our books and e-books! We really enjoy making Korean learning materials for you and seeing your Korean skills improve. Now, in addition to what we are offering to help you speak Korean better, here’s something we’d like to give a try: a one-day immersion tour where you meet up with one of the our team members and SPEAK ONLY KOREAN for many hours.

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