Level 7

Level 7 Lesson 30 / Sentence Building Drill 11


안녕하세요! This is the Sentence Building Drill (문장 만들기 연습) lesson! In this series, we will look at how you can expand your Korean sentence building skills by adding or replacing certain words in given sentences. All the “key” sentences that are used in these lessons are composed of grammar points that have previously been introduced through our lessons. This series will be a good opportunity for you to review what you have learned in the past and also to learn some new vocabulary! Have fun studying! Read more

Level 7 Lesson 26 / on top of …, in addition to … / -(으/느)ㄴ 데다가


In this TTMIK lesson, we will introduce the verb ending -(으/느)ㄴ 데다가. By adding this ending to a verb stem, you will be able to say “In addition to -verb-…” or “On top of -verb-…”, allowing you to construct sentences such as “In addition to being smart, Kyunghwa is also really pretty” or “Hyunwoo is an author on top of being a business owner also”. With this verb ending, the possibilities are endless and your Korean sentences will sound much more fluent. Thanks for studying with us! Read more

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