TOPIK Preparation Courses and Schedule

What is TOPIK?

TOPIK stands for “Test Of Proficiency In Korean” and it is a test for overseas Koreans and foreigners who do not speak Korean as their mother tongue. Once you take the TOPIK test and get the results, your test score is valid for 2 years after the announcement of exam results.

How does the grade system work?

There are two level in TOPIK: Level 1 (basic) and Level 2 (intermediate/advanced). You can choose whether to take the Level 1 test or the Level 2 test, and depending on the test score you get, your “grade” will be decided. (In TOPIK 2, you get Grade 6, the highest one, if you get over 230 points, Grade 5 if you get over 190 points, Grade 4 for over 150 points, and Grade 3 for over 120 points. In TOPIK 1, you get Grade 2 if you get over 140 points, and Grade 1, the lowest one, if you get over 80 points.)

Test Schedule for 2016

TOPIK Korea Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania Asia
44th January 17 (Sunday)
45th March 20 (Sunday) March 19 (Saturday) March 20 (Sunday)
46th April 17 (Sunday) April 16 (Saturday) April 17 (Sunday)
47th July 17 (Sunday)
48th October 16 (Sunday) October 15 (Saturday) October 16 (Sunday)
49th November 20 (Sunday) November 19 (Saturday) November 20 (Sunday)


Announcement of Exam Results (2016)

44th February 4
45th April 21
46th May 26
47th August 4
48th November 24
49th December 22


Test Preparation Video Course & Books

We have a preparation video course for TOPIK 1 (beginner level), and we will publish more video courses for the TOPIK in the future. You can watch the introduction video for our video course here:


We also have some test books with full mocks exams! These are not directly published by us, but you can get these textbooks on our online bookstore as well.

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  • John

    Regarding the TOPIK Books, do they include new mock exams or do they include copies of the real TOPIK exams provided by I think it’s fair to know that as I wouldn’t like to get the book and go through the same exams I already did.