[Guided Tour] Jong-no (Seoul) with Bomi Lee


When you travel, you want to experience more than just what your travel guide books can show you. We have partnered up with My Real Trip, a Korean company that connects local people with travelers worldwide. The first tour that we are introducing is a tour of Jong-no with Bomi Lee. Please find more information about it below, through Bomi’s own introduction!

Bo Mi Lee:


Hi. This is Bo Mi Lee from an amazingly beautiful city Seoul, South Korea. People call me either Bomi or SuperBom. I am a 23 year old student from Ewha Womans University, majoring in Sociology. Since freshman in college, I have been interested in offering city tours to people and found it a super exciting and meaningful work. I have been just so occupied with travelling around Seoul and gathering information of various places which even Seoulians do not know much about. Because I strongly believe that Seoul is one of the most praiseworthy places for city trip, I want to be the lucky one who can explain the inner and outer beauty of Seoul in my OWN way, better than any other people. If you see me in person, you will know what I am talking about. You will find out that I am the most hilarious, energetic, funny and friendly guide AND friend in Seoul, South Korea. My purpose of doing this is not just escorting you around Seoul. My goal is to make you have fun, never forget about what you will be experiencing in this incredibly charming city, AND, most importantly, fall in love with its history and culture FOREVER.


Brief introduction of the tour:
A theme of this tour is THE BEAUTY OF JONGNO. If you are a fan of Seoul, then you probably would have heard of GyeongBok Palace, SamCheon-Dong, Insa-Dong, AND N Seoul Tower.

If you google these places, you will find out that they are the MUST tourist attractions in Seoul. Let me give you brief information:
GyeongBok Palace: A biggest and most beautiful palace in Korea which has more than 500 years of history.
SamCheon-Dong & InSa-Dong: Famous places for tea house, galleries, souvenir shops, restaurants, intimate roads and etc.
N Seoul Tower: A highest Tower which delivers TV and radio broadcasting in the cities. It is also used as a complex culture space open to everyone.

I am not done YET!
As I mentioned in my profile, my purpose is not only helping you to get to these place. My job is to give you more than that. I want to show you the “beauty” of Seoul, especially the INNER beauty. I assume that you also do not want to be so busy talking pictures and saying “WOW”s and that’s all you remember when you go back to your country, do you?

GyeongBok Palace is not just a place which has huge, oriental buildings but a place in which all the architectures and structures have interesting meanings and history. What about Samcheon-Dong, InSa-Dong, and N Seoul Tower? The pictures and information posted up on the internet are not telling you everything the places actually HAVE. I am pretty much sure that there are more priceless things you will feel with your heart! And, most importantly, I wish your trip be more like a friendly, Bomi-like tour, literally saying that I will be your friend not only tour guide. I want to share my story and I am SO ready to listen to yours as well. Do you want to know more about THE BEAUTY OF JONGNO? By right this moment, you should!


Tour route:
GyeongBok Palace → Little bit of SamCheon-Dong → InSa-Dong → N Seoul Tower

4~5 hours

50,000 won per person
★expense on food, transportation, and ticket fee (3,000won per an adult for GyeongBok Palace) is not included.

Available tour days and hours:
Monday: after 2:00 pm
Thursday and Friday: after 4:30 pm
Saturday: 3:00 pm
Sunday: after 11:00 am


To make a reservation for this tour with Bomi Lee, please use the Buy Now button below to pay about 20% of the guide fee ($10) here. Once you make the payment, your info will be delivered to the tour guide and she will get in touch with you. You can pay the rest of the payment in person in cash on the day of the tour.

To read more about the tours provided by My Real Trip, please check out this FAQ page. If you have any questions regarding the tour, please use the form below.

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[Guided Tour] Jong-no (Seoul) with Bomi Lee
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  • hestina

    I’m in China.
    It’s impossible for me to have this trip with you.

    • Bo Mi Lee

      🙁 Hope you visit Korea one day!

  • Chloe

    50000 won?! that’s a lot! why does it cost so much for just a one-day tour?

    • Bo Mi Lee

      I am sorry if the price sounds expensive to you.:-( However, I tried to come up with a reasonable price since there is fee of gainsharing and my transportation included. Also, I believe an one-day trip provided by others costs similar or higher than that of mine based on my research. I am so sorry, Chloe! However, I will consider lowering the price. 🙂 Thank your so much for the comment!

    • Enrico

      I don’t think it is expensive. 50,000 won is almost equivalent to 50 US$.

  • Bo Mi Lee

    Hello, this is BoMi Lee!
    A few days ago, I received an tour request email from a person named Don Felipe. Unfortunately, I failed replying because it seems that Don did not write his email address correctly. 🙁 I do not know how to reach Don. So, if Don Felipe sees this comment, can you please reply me as soon as possible? Thank you!

  • Yvonne & Werry

    My husband and I went to Seoul, Korea for the first time last week. We wanted to experience Seoul with a local tour guide, especially to visit landmarks such as Insadaong, N Seoul Tower and the Gyeongbok-gong Palace. After much research and comparing, we decided to engage Bomi as our local tour guide and we are so glad we did!

    Once the booking was made, Bomi emailed us straightaway about our personal expectations of the tour. She gave us a few ideas, and also customized the route on that day to our preferences.

    My husband wanted to go play bowling in Seoul, so Bomi found us a bowling centre near to our hotel location, and designed the route in a way that would be convenient for us. However, when we reached Seoul, my husband’s gout condition worsened. We had to cancel bowling and go see a doctor instead! So Bomi had to change route planning again and helped us to locate some clinics. We were very grateful for her flexibility and willingness to help us despite the sudden changes.

    But it was a Sunday and most clinics were closed anyway. We would have to go back on Monday to see the doctor.

    We still went on the tour as planned and Bomi was very patient with us, chatting with us about local lifestyles and explaining various historical and cultural aspects as we passed them by. We fell in love with the Gyeongbok-gong Palace in the end because we were moved by its sad story.

    On Monday, Bomi offered to become our translator and help bring my husband to the clinic, of which we greatly appreciated because we do not speak Korean at all. She had been a great tour guide throughout the tour and a great help to us while we needed it the most in Korea! We consider ourselves blessed for having engaged her as our tour guide, and she has become our friend at the end of the tour. I would recommend Bomi’s service to all of my friends who are going to visit Seoul, Korea!

    • Bo Mi Lee

      Yvonne & Werry!! Such a touching comment….!! It was my pleasure having you guys as my tourists and thank you so much for having shown much interest and love to our culture and history during the tour! Hope we meet sooner or later in either Korea or Malaysia!

    • I am so glad to know that you had a good time in Seoul. I met Bomi before, and I thought that she was nice, and willing to help the foreigners she is taking care of.

      I hope your husband will be better soon. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.