Korean Translation Challenge – March 27, 2013

  • Kayla

    That was a good one! haha

    “If you throw your litter and cigarette buts your family will have bad luck.”

    3대=3 generations= family.
    똥=dung, poop. (Usually associated with the meaning of bad luck)

    It’s not an exact translation but I understood it well. 🙂

  • 아틸라

    Ha szemetelsz vagy cigi csikkeket dobalsz, szerencsetlen leszel 3 generacion keresztul.

    I have some doubts at the end: “3대가 재수 똥” 🙂

  • Matthew Bresin

    three generations of bad luck to anyone who litters trash or cigarette butts. =P

  • Shanice

    如果丢垃圾或烟头,就倒三代的霉!X0 XD

  • yasaman

    اگه اشغال اینجا بریزی 3 نسلت بد شانسی میاره :)))))))))))))))

  • mehran

    اگر زباله یا ته سیگار بر زمین بیندازید سه نسل شما گه و عوضی میباشند

  • mehran

    اگر زباله یا ته سیگاربه زمین بیندازید خانواده شما بدشانسی می آورند

  • Sabine Kirsch

    Oh das ist ja mal eine Warnung … Ich denke es soll heißen :
    “Bewegen sie ihren Hintern und entsorgen sie den Zigarettenmüll sonst werden 3 Generationen ihrer Familie Sch..ß Unglück haben ”
    So habe ich es verstanden …

  • 스페인어로:
    Si tiras basura o colillas de cigarrillo, tendrás mala suerte por 3 generaciones.

    I loove wednesdays now. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Old Boy

    May whosoever throws garbage or cigarette butts here be cursed to three generations of shit luck!

  • hestina


  • Lis

    Russian: Выбросив мусор здсеь, вы обречете следующие три поколения своей семьи на неудачи

  • donya

    اگر اینجا آشغال بریزی خانوادت بدبخت خواهند شد
    how was it????

  • Ioana:)

    In romanian would be something like: daca arunci gunoi si mucuri de tigari vei avea 3 secole de ghinion
    I wish you good night from my country!:)
    안녕히 주무세요!:)

  • Hala

    I guess this is it:
    This is in Arabic:
    إذا رميت القمامة و بواقي السجائر ثلاثة مرات سيلازمك الحظ السيئ
    If you throw garbage and cigarette butts 3 times, you will have bad luck.

    Thank you.

  • Andrea

    Si tiras basura o colillas de cigarrillo, tendrás 3 generaciones.de mala suerte. (Spanish)

  • anton

    In Indonesian: Kamu dianggap menyampah karena membuang 3 batang puntung rokok 🙂

  • Beky

    In Romanian is: Dacă arunci gunoi și mucuri de țigară vei avea ghinion 3 secole.

  • Beky

    In Romanian is: Dacă arunci gunoi și mucuri de țigară vei avea ghinion 3 generații. You can say ”secole” too but it means centuries so it is better ”generații” which is litterarly translated from generations.

  • Adri

    In Hungarian it might sound like this:
    “Te szemét! Légy átkozott harmadiziglen, ha elhajigálod a csikket!”

    It sounds both funny and threatening at the same time.