Korean Translation Challenge – April 10, 2013

  • A.D. (박채수)

    “You’re a rather alright person.”

  • TJ

    You a fairly decent guy.

  • 한일중

    you’re a very good person.
    awak ialah orang yang sangat baik.

  • Corizza

    You are an okay person

  • Yuuki

    O motho o o siameng thata.
    That is tswana language

  • Olesia Pototska

    Ти доволі хороша людина.
    Ты достаточно неплохой чувак!

  • mehran

    شما فرد نسبتا خوبی هستید

  • Adri

    In Hungarian (there can be other solutions, though):

    “Egész jó fej vagy.”

  • 스페인어로: “Eres una buena persona”. I’m not sure about my translation, but I can understand that “당신은 제법 괜찮은 사람인데” is a good message 🙂

  • Rosie

    “according to me you are an ok/alright person” or “as far as I’m concerned you are alright”

  • Titi


    as for a fair translation ( not word by word ), it’d be:

    شما فرد نسبتاً خوبی هستید

    and as a colloquial translation, it’d be like:

    تقریباً آدم خوبی هستی


  • Stujo

    “You’re quite a decent person… you deserve a cold glass of OB!”

  • Carl

    You’re quite alright. (or) You’re quite a decent guy, you know that?

  • Zafirah Qaddura

    “Kamu adalah orang yang cukup baik”

  • Judi

    Seems to say, “you are a quite a nice person.”

  • Busra

    You’re a very good person.
    In Turkish : Sen baya iyi bir insansın.

  • Kiko Olivera

    “You’re a pretty nice guy.” I think… 🙂

  • RaHaF

    you are kind person
    انت شخص جيد

  • 현빈대박

    광동어로 (In Cantonese) : 你係一個唔錯既人

  • 한국

    your are a nice person who is suitable with me

  • lina

    In Arabic it would translate to: “انت بالفعل شخص جيد”

  • 준희

    당신은 제법 괜찮은 사람인데
    انت شخص جيد
    이건 아랍이에요

  • orbiter

    그것은 제법 괜찮은 광고판인데.

    I like.

  • swiminthesea

    You are a decent person. (or more colloquially: You’re a decent sort)

  • cemile

    TÜRKÇE: iyi birisin.

  • Aeriel Soriano

    at first I was thinking of Jay Park , but I had to read it again 2 be sure XD