Korean Translation Challenge – April 17, 2013

  • Someone who is loath to do anything too complex or difficult. A sluggard, slacker, or deadbeat.

  • Soonhee

    someone who finds everything troublesome and annoying

  • LuvGain


    A term used to describe someone who really hates doing troublesome work and loner in the young generation now… ;x?

    • howdid u no 2 write korea

  • Sam

    We would say ‘lazy bugger’ here in Australia.

  • Titi

    Maybe it means : ” آدم سست اراده، کسی که از زیر مسئولیت شانه خالی می کند ” I’m not really sure about this 😕
    ” a person who does not do any troublesome work, or a person who does accept any responsibilities to do something 😕 “

  • how did u no 2 write korean words…………

  • Luiza

    we would say ” pierde-vară/codaş/trântor/putoare(persoană care nu îşi asumă nicio responsabilitate, care “freacă timpul de pomană”)” in Romanian.

  • 달리아

    귀차니스트 ~
    우리 나라 언어로
    “بطيخة” literally meaning : 수박
    Since this person became like it for not wanting to do anything In life

    Spelled as : 바티카 ㅋㅋㅋ well or “batikha” ^^

  • I can translate it into Polish if you like?

  • Spanish translation

    In Spain we would say:

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