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Hello! Welcome to Talk To Me In Korean:)

The world is more mobile now than ever. From cell phone and tablet apps to mobile-friendly websites, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, but we try our best to provide user-friendly services here at TTMIK. Whether you are using your home computer or a mobile device to access, our website is a mobile-friendly website designed to give you the opportunity to easily access all of our lessons; to watch or listen to any lesson on any mobile device from anywhere at any time.

TTMIK Lesson Companion Apps

If you prefer using an app on your mobile device to access our content, we do not have an official “TTMIK” app, but there are a couple app developers who have taken the time to make apps for us. Please check these great apps:


– TTMIK Lesson Companion (paid)
– KORLINK (free)

– KORLINK (free)

If you have any problems with using the apps or you would like to make a suggestion, contacting the developers is the fastest way to receive a timely response and resolve any issues.

  • Yasmeen

    You should make the ios apps avaiable for android users. I wish I could use those apps!

    • Nicole


    • Nicole


  • Lee Evans

    You can add to the list “Talk to Me In Korean – Lessons+” – now available for iPhone and your Apple TV!

    • Too bad it is only available for devices running iOS 9.0 and up! I am stuck with my iOS 8.1.2 iPad 🙁

    • Lee Evans

      Which iPad are you using? Any iPad running iOS 8.x should be upgradeable to iOS 9. The only iPad I am aware of that can’t upgrade to iOS 9 is the original iPad – which is stuck on iOS 5.1.1

    • My iPad (Air 2) is jailbroken and I have spent so much time to tweak and customize it, that I will not upgrade to iOS 9 until a new untethered jailbreak is released… Anyway, I can’t understand why we are forced to upgrade to iOS 9 and why such apps prevent us from using them on “older” iOS. They have just lost a customer.

    • Lee Evans

      I can definitely understand your frustration. Only because TTMIK – Lessons+ is a new app did I target it to iOS 9, definitely not to force anyone to upgrade to iOS 9. Using iOS 9 as the target OS provides a nice balance of supporting older devices (5 years back), an iOS widely already used on devices (80% adoption), and allowed me to use a better SDK (making it quicker/easier to add features). When you are able to upgrade to iOS 9, let me know – I am confident you would enjoy the app and find it useful.

  • Ier Chan

    I already downloaded TTMIK App , but I can’t play any video.

  • Lee Evans

    TTMIK — Lesson+ for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (iOS/tvOS) is now available for Free!

  • Evee

    Mine is telling me to log in to thrive?