TTMIK Video Series

Since 2009, we have been making tons of video lesson to help you learn Korean. We made this page to help you discover our various types of content and learning material more easily. Enjoy learning!



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  • Wan Imran

    짱 대박 모둔 거 좋아요.. ^_^

  • Ana

    Awesome idea! This makes it much easier to access the videos!

  • krishna

    Thank you very much for making it easier for all your students and viewers!!! TTMIK rocks!

  • Just to thank you for all you hard work guys, I just downloaded your mp3 audio files level 1 and I have found them very, very helpful “so far” and definitely they are fun too!

  • s m masud karim

    i would like to speak korean fluently

    • I am sure you’ll be able to speak it fluently in the future if you keep practicing! Keep it up 🙂

  • Kaitlin

    Thanks so much for this site and all of the work put into it! It’s really helping me learn Korean. c:

    • Thanks so much. I am so please to read your comment.

  • 엘르아살

    나는 절대적으로 너희들을 사랑해!

    • 멋진 댓글이에요! 고마워요! 🙂

  • linda widya

    Seonsangnim.. tomorrow will be the second day I learn Korean language in Korean embassy of Indonesia, ttmik lesson is really very helpful at all for me, may be i will straight up class from level 1 to level high tomorrow.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    seonsangnim neomu-neomu gamsa habnida.. ^ ^

  • mierna


  • Jyunhao

    In one of the grammar audio lessons the teachers mentioned that there were video lessons introducing basic hangeul letters. However I can’t find one in this videos page. Are they still available?

  • I jst love to learn new languages 😀

  • Livvie

    안녕하세요!! I was just wondering if there was certain order in which we should watch the various videos or a list of when/after which lesson we should watch a video. I just finished level 1 and I’m not sure where to start with all the videos! Love all the lessons and this site. 감사합니다!!

    • Seokjin Jin

      How about watching the videos related to vocabulary?

  • Areej A. Al-Fayez

    is it okay to study the grammar lessons only without watching the other videos ? because i think some of them are some additions to the main grammar lessons .. so what to do ? i’ve completely finished the 9 levels but i need to study the word builder lessons .. is it okay not to save and remember all the words ?

  • Areej A. Al-Fayez

    + grammars especially the ones which Korean people use less .. ?
    when i watch korean dramas and movies i always hear the ending 라 like 가라 .. is there a lesson for it , i already know that it’s used in 반말 이야기요 .. !
    많이 이야기를 했어서 죄송해요 , 그리고 선생님들이 고맙고 사랑해요 .

  • Do you not do the Homework videos anymore? The ones connected to the lessons.

  • hiba

    This video is really usefu

  • Mitha

    where was the hangul lesson and the body part lesson video? I can’t find it 🙁

  • Charles Carl

    선생님 안녕하세요!!!

  • Debbie

    Would LOVE more “Situational Phrases” videos. Found the restaurant one SO helpful.