Workbook Audio Download

  • Jessica

    it is downloading the mp3s as word documents… i don’t know how to download as an mp3

    • Seokjin Jin

      If you click the blue texts on the each image, you can download the zipfile which includes mp3 files.

  • Eli

    How can I download to my tablet???

  • Chine

    I dont get how Im supposed to use the dictation for level 2

    • Seokjin Jin

      At the dictation section, you can see the track sign so you can play it and write it down.

    • Chine

      Thank you!

    • 애슐리

      How can I know if what I wrote is right? Oo’

  • Jocelyn Montejo

    I am totally grateful for these audio lessons but can they ONLY be downloaded on a pc? Because I downloaded all the files on my phone but none of them work. Is that normal? Because I take these lessons while im at school and I cant do much without the audio. (It also doesnt work on my phome for the Guide to Korean Verbs & My Weekly Korean Vocabulary)

    • Seokjin Jin

      Do you have a pc at your home? I think it will be best to download the audiofiles to your pc first and save them to your phone through certain program like itunes.

    • Nan

      I downloaded the audiofiles on my phone too. But because it is a zip file, I also downloaded a Zip Extractor app. I used that to extract the mp3 files…! 🙂

  • ceskyvisitor

    When will workbook level 4 and above will be available for purchase? I would like to buy them very much..

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Level 4 workbook is available now, and level 5 workbook will be published in a few months. Thank you! =)

  • Lauren Perry

    thanks for these lessons! I’ve powered through level 1 in a week using the mp3 lessons and the pdf lesson notes. hope i can improve on my language skills and use it on my youtube page – KiwiRugbyTravelStories

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for studying with our book!

  • Alain Sivisay

    There are dictations that are impossible to guess. Example for Level 3 Track 4 for Level 3 Lesson 2 : never noticed in previous lessons how to say “to take a shower”, + the -서 form is only taught from Level 3 Lesson 7…

  • 차드
  • Ebony-Aisha

    …I feel like I won’t get it. I know how read and write and even say certain words. But my issue is when I hear someone else speaking to me in Korean, even though I know what they’re saying, I don’t know what they’re saying if that makes sense. It’s crazy, my brain just freezes when I hear someone talking in Korean. When I went to Seoul last year I almost had a breakdown when they were saying simple things to me in Korean. Please give me some tips on how to get my brain out of this freeze mode. Besides that, this program is AWESOME. I hope to meet you all at Kcon this year. 감사합니다

    • Shawna Vineyard

      It helps if you have someone you can talk to in Korean. My daughter got me into Kpop and now we watch Kdramas together too. So we know some basic words and phrases already. And it used to take me a moment to respond because my brain would freeze up like that. But the more u hear it, the more normal it seems. It is now strange for me when my daughter says ‘I love you’ in english! Lol

  • Valerie Reilly

    I bought the workbook but I also need an audio to learn to say the consonants & vowels. They are very different from English. I think it would help to learn this first. I don’t see that here, but it is the first thing in the level one workbook. Can you help? I need to learn quickly so I can talk to my wonderful new daughter-in-law. She can’t speak English yet. I think it is only right that I learn her language if she is learning my language. Then I can talk to her family when I meet them next year.

  • amy anderson

    Its a good refresher, I have been studying for many years but never make effort to really learn how to reply. It may seem easy if you know lots of words and phrases but its really helpful now that I am ready to use it more.

  • Nkauj Ntsuab

    Is there any way we can download one file at a time? I don’t have file extract (winzip) T^T nor do i want to pay to get full winzip app….

    • Mohid Simon Akhter

      You don’t have to pay at all – just download winrar. Even if it’s in a trial version, it’ll still work the same way as any other extracting program.

  • Jacob De Leon

    I uploaded my iPhone to the new iOS 11 (beta) and it comes with a app called “files”. When you download the file it goes straight to the “files” app and it works fine.