[New Book] Study Korean with Ryan from Kakao Friends

라이언, 내 곁에 있어줘 – Ryan, stay with me Level: Advanced Language: Korean Paper Book: 264 pages Study Korean with Ryan from Kakao Friends!   <라이언, 내 곁에 있어줘 (Ryan, stay with me)> is a collection of essays where Ryan from Kakao Friends comforts you who are living a hectic, complicated modern life. What can I

[Sale] The Package of the Month (Ends on 19th)

Level 4 Package (Grammar Textbook + Workbook) $31.00 → $26.35 Upper beginners, it’s time to level up your Korean to intermediate! After studying with this book, you will be more comfortable with making your own Korean sentences, have a broader Korean vocabulary, and be more familiar with reading Hangeul without romanization. Get the two books

NEW Course! — Powerful One-Syllable Korean Words

▲ Click on the thumbnail above to check the course in detail and watch the trailer. Target level: From upper beginners to upper intermediate learners What can you achieve through this course? You can learn how to use 10 of the most commonly used one-syllable Korean words through various sample sentences. Course language: English What

Learn Korean with a Korean Drama – 아이엠 (I AM)

Learn Korean with a web drama! I AM (아이엠) is a web drama about how an android learns feelings, friendship, and love. It features 정채연, a member of the popular Korean girl group DIA (다이아). You can learn very useful real-life Korean expressions through engaging episodes! Check out the other web drama lessons here: