Download the transcript for 5 수다 타임 episodes!

And here is the table of contents for all 10 episodes of the course! Lesson 1. 건망증 (Forgetfulness) Lesson 2. 최근 여행지에 대해서 (Recent travel destinations) Lesson 3. 1년에 책 몇 권 읽어요? (How many books do you read a year?) Lesson 4. 나에게 딱 하나의 초능력이 생긴다면? (What superpower would you like?) Lesson 5.

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▲ Click on the thumbnail above to check the course in detail and watch the trailer. Target level: from upper intermediate to advanced learners Course language: Korean It’s 수다 타임(suda time)! 수다 means “chit-chat” in Korean. The longtime duo, Kyeong-eun and Hyunwoo, have conversations in 100% Korean on 10 interesting topics in this course! A

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