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Level 1 Korean Grammar

The first step in your Korean journey! In level 1, you will learn various phrases from greetings to numbers, and learn the fundamentals of conversational Korean.

10 Korean Words You Might Have Misunderstood

Here are 10 words a lot of Korean learners might think they know, but actually may NOT! Clear up any misunderstandings you might have had about these words.

Korean Sentence-building Practice

Learn to build your Korean sentences longer through essential Korean vocabulary.

Drama Korean - 사랑, 기억에 머물다 - Part 1

Learn Korean through a fun Korean web drama featuring a member of the popular Korean girl group Apink.

IYAGI - Listening in 100% Natural Korean

Perfect listening practice for upper-beginner and intermediate learners! Listen to 145 natural talks by native speakers and expose yourself to new vocabulary and phrases.

Real-Life Korean Conversations for Beginners

Learn the most natural Korean through conversations between two native speakers!

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