Learning Korean with TTMIK in general 

Q: Where should I start? 

If you haven’t done so already, please take our convenient Level Test and see where you are in the Talk To Me In Korean curriculum. The level test will guide you to a good starting point for you, and from there, you can also feel free to add any courses you would like to your own Learning Center. The more courses you take and the more lessons you study with, our website will be able to recommend more suitable content for you to use next.

Q: Can I really become fluent by studying with Talk To Me In Korean?

Absolutely! To become fluent in a new language that you start learning, you need to understand how sentences are formed (grammar), how words are pronounced (pronunciation) and what words are more natural to use in certain contexts (vocabulary). And in addition to that, if you keep exposing yourself to good, natural conversations and writing by native speakers, you will find yourself automatically and consistently improving. We offer all of these elements through our books, e-books, video courses and audio lessons. Continuation is key, and we help make it easy to continue learning Korean.

Q: What is the best material for me to use?

We offer various types of learning material for you. We have free audio lessons, free video courses, paid (and more in-depth) video courses, textbooks, workbooks and e-books, all available through our website. Take your time to look around our website and check out all of our resources. Since no one single method or material will be perfect for everybody, we provide a convenient selection guide on our Curriculum page.

Q: Do I need to learn Hangeul first before I learn anything else? 

You will need to know Hangeul (the Korean writing system) eventually. You can’t become truly fluent without knowing Hangeul, and there is no good reason to not learn it, either, because most people only need a few hours to learn how to read and write Hangeul. But not knowing Hangeul yet shouldn’t hold you back, either. If you are not particularly motivated to learn Hangeul yet and just want to focus on the sound first, that’s definitely fine, too! But if you are ready to take on the fun challenge, we have a video course and a textbook to help you learn Hangeul in the best way possible.

Q: How long will it take for me to become fluent in Korean? 

It really depends on the person, but if you spend a least one hour every day actively learning and practicing while saying things out loud and producing your own sentences, you will find yourself comfortably holding conversations in Korean in a year or so.

Q: How much time should I spend each day on learning Korean? 

The more the better! It is also important, however, to make sure you don’t grow tired of learning Korean. Do not overwork yourself, and try to make learning Korean a natural part of your daily life. You can listen to our audio podcast lessons on the go, watch video lessons in a coffee shop, and sit in a quiet place to practice by solving questions in our textbooks and workbooks.

Buying TTMIK books 

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. In fact, most of the orders we receive are from overseas and thousands of books are sent out all over the world every week.

Q: When will my order be shipped?

Once you place an order, it is processed by our shipping team the next business day and will be shipped out as soon as packaging has been completed. Please allow for up to 2 days before it’s shipped and 2-3 weeks before it arrives.

Q: I’ve waited for 2 weeks but I haven’t received my books. What happened to my order?

The estimated shipping time through standard international mail is typically 2-3 weeks, but depending on the distance of the country from South Korea, it could take less than 2 weeks or longer than 3 weeks. Please do notify us if your order is taking too long, but the vast majority of our customers get their books safely, so please allow for a little bit of delay that might sometimes occur. You can contact us using our contact form at the bottom of the website.

Q: Can I track my order?

Standard shipping is not trackable. If you would like to track your order, please choose DHL (faster shipping) at checkout.

Q: DHL service is terrible in my country. Can you ship the books that I order via EMS?

Yes, we can, but please aware that EMS shipping fee is generally more expensive than DHL. If you let us know which books you would like to order by emailing us at admin@talktomeinkorean.com, we will send you an invoice with EMS shipping.

Q: I’ve received my books, but there are many listening questions that require me to listen to an audio file. Where can I get the audio files? 

You can download the MP3 audio files to any compatible device on our Audio Download page. If you bought your books right here on the Talk To Me In Korean Store page, you will find the audio files in My Account, in the Downloads page.

Q: What is the difference between the TTMIK grammar textbooks and the TTMIK workbooks?

The TTMIK grammar textbooks are the “meat and potatoes” for learning Korean with TTMIK. They cover essential grammar points and introduce new vocabulary. The workbooks are for practicing and reinforcing what you learned in the grammar textbook with various exercises and quizzes.

Taking paid courses and buying e-books

Q: How are free courses and paid courses different? 

We offer an abundance of free Korean courses and lessons to help as many people as possible learn to speak Korean, and we also have affordable paid video courses that are more high-quality and about more specific purposes and topics. You can re-watch any of the courses you purchase anytime you want, as many times as you want, on any device of your choice.

Q: I bought an e-book that has an accompanying audio file. Where can I download the file? 

If you can’t find it in the product page itself, you will see a link inside the e-book to the web address where you can download any accompanying files. 

Q: I bought and downloaded some e-books and audio files but I’ve lost them. Where can I download them again? 

Don’t worry! You can go to My Account and see all of your past purchases, where you can download the necessary files again. If you are having trouble finding them, please contact us using our contact form at the bottom of the website, with your order number and we will assist you.  

Q: Can I download my purchased video courses or watch them offline?

We currently do not allow downloads of our video courses in order to prevent illegal distribution. While the site currently does not support offline viewing we hope to make this option available with the development of our official app in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.  

Other questions

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