Korean Idiomatic Expressions [intermediate]

Impress your Korean friends with these fun phrases!
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Product Details

Through this course, you will learn 10 idiomatic expressions that Koreans often use in everyday conversations. In the videos, Kyeong-eun and Kyung-hwa break down the expressions to explain the literal meaning, and then introduce the figurative meaning of the expressions by giving you some example situations. They talk only in Korean in the videos, but at a slow pace so that beginner learners can understand without English subtitles.

Table of contents
1. 발 디딜 틈이 없다
2. 뒷북 치다
3. 오리발 내밀다
4. 해가 서쪽에서 뜨다
5. 잠수를 타다
6. 입만 아프다
7. 비행기 태우다
8. 귀가 얇다
9. 발이 넓다
10. 깨가 쏟아지다

In the lesson notes, there are a lot more sample sentences and sample dialogues that are not introduced in the videos as well as the English translations of the transcript. You can download the PDF file that includes all the lesson notes.

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