IYAGI (beginner) - Listening in 100% Natural Korean

Natural conversations in Korean made simple and easy to understand. This will be great listening material for beginner learners who want to study with conversations.
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IYAGI - Listening in 100% Natural Korean

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IYAGI - Listening in 100% Natural Korean


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Product Details

One of the most popular TTMIK courses, “IYAGI - Listening in 100% Natural Korean,” contains two native Korean speakers’ natural conversations on various topics. Here is the BEGINNER version of the IYAGI (이야기) course where you can listen to Hyunwoo and Cassie’s explanations alongside the dialogues between two people.

Here is a sample audio:

Kyeong-eun and Jooyeon talk about the following topics:

- Breakfast
- Pets
- Dramas
- Summer Vacation
- Ideal type
- How To Spend Time Alone
- Social Media
- Books
- Travel
- Food

The full transcript, English translations, and vocabulary list are provided for each episode and they are available as a downloadable PDF as well.

 Reviews by people who have purchased this course

Erin H.

I love love love TTMIK and am so grateful to have found this site. This beginner series is a great supplement to the regular lessons provided on TTMIK's website; it is giving me more confidence in my listening skills, which is the area I feel I am the weakest in. I love listening to Cassie and 현우 break down the conversations in a very easy-to-understand and fun way. For all the hard work that the TTMIK team puts into their (free!) lessons, I think the beginner series is definitely worth the price. Thanks so much for making Korean so accessible and enjoyable! 감사합니다! :D

Christine S.

I've learned a lot of new vocab and useful phrases from listening to the conversations and detailed breakdowns. It's really helping me a lot in developing my ear for Korean. I'm currently taking an Elementary (A2) course and I recommend starting this after finishing an Elementary (A1 or Topik Level 1) level course. I finished listening to all of the recordings once and I'm relistening to them again for the 2nd (or 3rd) time before moving on to the intermediate-level IYAGI materials. I've definitely noticed a mark improvement on my listening comprehension. All in all, I'm a big fan of IYAGI Beginner series and I wish they would make more!


I really like that they are breaking down every single sentence and they are expaining more difficult words that you can completly understand whole dialogue. It's a perfect way to study new words and natural sentences at the same time. I hope you'll make more of this goodness in the near future TTMK!!

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