Level 5 Korean Grammar

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Almost did / -(으)ㄹ 뻔했다, 할 뻔했다


-시- (honorific) / -시-, 하시다


Good work / 수고


I guess, I assume / -나 보다


I guess, I assume – Part 2 / -(으)ㄴ가 보다


Word builder 6 / 문(文)


As soon as… / -자마자, 하자마자


It is about to …, I am planning to … / -(으)려고 하다, 하려고 하다


While I was doing, and then / -다가, 하다가


(To say) that S + be / -(이)라고 + nouns


Sentence Building Drill #3


Noun + -(이)라는 + Noun / Someone that is called ABC / Someone who says s/he is XYZ


Word Builder lesson 7 / 회 (會)


Since, Because, As / -(으)니까


At least, Instead, It might not be the best but… / -(이)라도


Narrative Present Tense in Korean / -(ㄴ/는)다


Quoting someone in Korean / -(ㄴ/는)다는, -(ㄴ/는)다고


Whether or not / -(으)ㄴ/는지


To tell someone to do something / Verb + -(으)라고 + Verb


Sentence Building Drill #4


Word Contractions - Part 3 (이거를 –> 이걸)


Word builder 8 / 식 (食)


It seems like … / I assume … / -(으)려나 보다


Not A But B, Don’t do THIS but do THAT / 말고, -지 말고


Compared to, Relatively / -에 비해서 -ㄴ/은/는 편이다 /


Instead of … / 대신에, -는 대신에


You know, Isn’t it, You see…, Come on… / -잖아(요)


To have no other choice but to… / -(으)ㄹ 수밖에 없다


they said that they had done …, they said that they would … / -았/었/였다고, -(으)ㄹ 거라고


Sentence Building Drill #5


Test Your Korean – Level 5 Dialogue in 100% Korean

Instead of … / 대신에, -는 대신에

In this lesson, we are going to look at how to say “instead of” in Korean. The key expression to remember here is “대신에” [dae-si-ne].

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to say “instead of” in Korean. The key expression to remember here is 대신에. The word 대신 literally means “substitution” or “replacement” while the verb 대신하다 means “‘to substitute” or “to replace” someone or something. 

In English, the expression “instead of” is generally used BEFORE the noun or the verb, but in Korean, 대신에 comes after the noun or the verb. 

Here are some examples of 대신에 used with nouns:

1. 이거 대신에

= instead of this 

2. 이거 대신에 저거

= that one instead of this one 

* Please note the difference in word order between English and Korean. 

3. 저 대신에

= instead of me 

4. 저 대신에 제 친구가... 

= instead of me, my friend ... 

When using 대신에 with verbs to say things such as “instead of doing this”, “instead of buying it”, or “instead of working”, change the verb into the adjective form so that it can modify 대신에. 


Verb stem + -는


사다 (= to buy) --> 사는 대신에 (= instead of buying) 

만나다 (= to meet) --> 만나는 대신에 (= instead of meeting) 

Another meaning of 대신에 

“Noun + 대신에” or “Verb + -는 대신에” means “instead of”, but when used a verb, 대신에 can also have the meaning of “in return for + V-ing”. 

For example, using 대신에, you can say the following: 

1. I will help you this time. But ‘in return’, you have to help me next time. 

2. You can watch TV now, but ‘in return/to make up for it’, you should study hard later. 

3. I will teach you English, but you have to teach me Korean ‘in return’. 


1. 이번에는 제가 도와줄게요. 대신에 다음에는 저를 도와줘야 돼요. 

= I will help you this time. But, in return, you have to help me next time.  

= 이번에는 제가 도와주는 대신에, 다음에는 저를 도와줘야 돼요. 

2. 제가 이거 빌려주는 대신에, 저 영어 공부 도와줘야 돼요. 

= I will lend this to you, but you have to help me learn English in return. 

Sample Sentences 

저 대신에 해 줄 수 있어요?

= Can you do it for me instead of me?

컴퓨터 대신에 카메라를 샀어요.

= I bought a camera instead of a computer. 

여행을 가는 대신에 아르바이트를 했어요.

= Instead of traveling, I worked a part-time job.

오늘 일찍 가는 대신에, 내일 일찍 와야 돼요.

= Since you are leaving early, to make up for it, you have to be here early tomorrow. 

저 대신에 가고 싶은 사람 있어요? 

= Is there anyone who wants to go instead of me? 

아빠 대신 엄마가 올 거예요. 

= Instead of my father, my mother will com. 

* In both spoken and written Korean, the particle “-에” is often dropped, leaving just 대신 or - 는 대신. 

In this lesson, we are going to look at how to say “instead of” in Korean. The key expression to remember here is “대신에” [dae-si-ne].
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