About the TTMIK team

We are a team of seven people, and you can see all of us appear regularly in our audio and video lessons. We also write all of our textbooks and workbooks ourselves. We publish our books in collaboration with some very talented editors, proofreaders, publishers, illustrators and designers, and our books are shipped out daily by a professional shipping team. We are all good friends and definitely love working together and never fight, except when we only have one slice of pizza left on the table.

We made a video about how we all met: 

Hyunwoo Sun 선현우

I love learning and helping other people learn, whether it is with a language or something different. I also love doing handstands and flips!

@ever4one @ever4one

Kyeong-eun Choi 최경은

I am happy to meet you all. Learning Korean will become easier if you learn with us! Don’t worry and keep learning with us!

@kyeongeunchoi @kyeongeun

Kyung-hwa Sun 선경화

I have always loved learning and teaching languages! I’m looking forward to connecting with many of you both online and offline : )

@wittygirlhaeri @wittygirlhaeri

Seokjin Jin 진석진

I am the main videographer for Talk To Me In Korean, and I enjoy drawing, cooking and eating!!

@seokjin82 @jinseokjin

Jooyeon Park 박주연

Hello everyone! Welcome to Talk To Me In Korean : ) With me and the other teachers on the team, learning Korean will get 100 times more exciting!


Cassie Casper

I learned Korean through Talk To Me In Korean and it is a dream to be working here and helping all of you achieve your dreams as well!

@holosanda @holosanda

Yeji Kim 김예지

Welcome to TTMIK! I am more than pleased to accompany you on your journey to learn Korean:) With TTMIK, you can make your Korean more Korean!

@yayj.__.kim @yayj_12

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