30 Essential Korean Adjectives For Beginners


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Practice 30 essential Korean adjectives!
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Product Details

Learn 30 essential Korean adjectives and practice them through this video course! This course consists of 30 lessons which teach you one adjective each. You can learn the adjectives and more examples on each lesson page and also practice them by listening and repeating along with the video lesson.

Here is a sample episode  


List of Episodes
1. 큰 big
2. 작은 small
3. 먼 far
4. 가까운 close
5. 쉬운 easy
6. 어려운 difficult
7. 추운 cold
8. 더운 hot
9. 귀여운 cute
10. 좁은 narrow
11. 넓은 spacious, broad
12. 늦은 late
13. 싼 cheap
14. 비싼 expensive
15. 아픈 sick
16. 느린 slow
17. 빠른 fast, quick
18. 같은 same
19. 예쁜 pretty
20. 좋은 good
21. 많은 much, many
22. 적은 few, little
23. 얇은 thin
24. 두꺼운 thick
25. 깨끗한 clean
26. 더러운 dirty
27. 밝은 bright
28. 어두운 dark
29. 긴 long
30. 짧은 short

You can find more example phrases and sentences in the book, My Weekly Korean Vocabulary. Check out the book and study even more Korean words and example sentences along with the audio files so you can practice speaking.

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