Korean Snapshot (Real-Life Korean Text Explained)


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(Upper Beginner to Intermediate) Perplexed with signs in Korean? Buckle up for an adventure to the world of signs!
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TalkToMeInKorean is the number-one Korean online learning platform based in Korea, and we have published more than 1,000 lessons on our official website. We aim to provide Korean learning materials that will help you speak natural Korean and stay motivated to learn.

What Can You Do Through this Course?
- Learn some expressions commonly used in signs, advertisements, public notices and signboards
- Learn some words and sentences of a high level of formality

Who is this Course for?
- Upper beginners and intermediate learners
- Those who live in Korea and encounter signs on a daily basis
- Those who would like to learn Korean from daily life
- Those who would like to learn formal, written Korean

What Can You Find inside the Course?
- A total of 20 video lessons
- A PDF file

LECTURER: Kyeong-eun Choi



Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
- broaden your Korean vocabulary 
- understand formally written signs or notices
- grasp culture behind the signs and notices


Lesson 1 - Commuting

Lesson 2 - Postal Savings

Lesson 3 - The Fire Extinguisher

Lesson 4 - Fare Evasion

Lesson 5 - Refundable Transportation Card

Lesson 6 - Safe Way Back Home

Lesson 7 - Free Charging Station

Lesson 8 - City Airport Terminal

Lesson 9 - Keep Out Sign

Lesson 10 - School Zone

Lesson 11 - Sign in a Clinic

Lesson 12 - Special Pork

Lesson 13 - Bicycles on the Subway

Lesson 14 - How to Use the Escalator

Lesson 15 - Data Plan

Lesson 16 - Sign in Starbucks

Lesson 17 - Free Shipping Service

Lesson 18 - Emergency Sign

Lesson 19 - Signs in the Park

Lesson 20 - Public Housing

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