Korean Pronunciation Guide


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Everything you need to know about Korean pronunciation, in one place!
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TalkToMeInKorean is the number-one Korean online learning platform based in Korea, and we have published more than 1,000 lessons on our official website. We aim to provide Korean learning materials that will help you speak natural Korean and stay motivated to learn.

What Can You Do Through this Course?
- Learn all the official rules of Korean Pronunciation
- Learn and practice Korean phrases that learners find difficult to distinguish or pronounce
- Practice along with a native speaker to improve your pronunciation
- Take quizzes designed to improve your listening and help you differentiate sounds

Who is this Course for?
- from upper beginners to advanced learners
- Those who want to know all the complicated Korean pronunciation rules in one course
- Those who are curious about Korean words and phrases that are pronounced differently from what you've learned
- Those who want to speak more naturally, like native speakers

What Can You Find inside the Course?
- A total of 25 video lessons
- A PDF file

Lecturers: Cassie Casper, Kyung-hwa Sun


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Form sounds in Korean the same way as native speakers
- Pronounce words properly just by reading the written form
- Improve your pronunciation and sound more natural when speaking


Lesson 1 - Diphthongs: Why don't Koreans pronounce 의 as 의?

Lesson 2 - Long/Short Vowel Sounds: Are 눈(snow) and 눈(eye) pronounced differently?

Lesson 3 - Batchim: 빋 = 빗 = 빚 = 빛 = 빝 = 빟

Lesson 4 - Compound Consonants as Batchim: Should I pronounce the ㄹ or ㄱ in 읽다?

Lesson 5 - Assimilation Part 1: 닫히다 and 다치다 are pronounced exactly the same way.

Lesson 6 - Assimilation Part 2: ㄴ always becomes ㄹ when it's with ㄹ.

Lesson 7 - Fortition Part 1: Why is 박주연 pronounced 박쭈연?

Lesson 8 - Fortition Part 2: Why is 갈 거예요 pronounced 갈 꺼예요?

Lesson 9 - ㄴ Insertion: Why isn't 꽃잎 pronounced 꼬칲?

Lesson 10 - ㅅ Insertion: Why isn't 나뭇잎 pronounced 나무싶?

Lesson 11 - Ending Consonant Sounds: Ignore the romanizations.

Lesson 12 - ㄴ vs N

Lesson 13 -ㄹ vs L

Lesson 14 -ㄷ vs D

Lesson 15 - Differentiating ㅈ, ㅊ, and ㅉ

Lesson 16 - Differentiating ㄱ, ㅋ, and ㄲ

Lesson 17 - Differentiating ㅂ, ㅍ, and ㅃ

Lesson 18 - Differentiating ㅅ and ㅆ

Lesson 19 - Differentiating ㄷ, ㅌ, and ㄸ

Lesson 20 - 오 vs 어

Lesson 21 - 요 vs 여

Lesson 22 - 으 vs 우

Lesson 23 - When Spelling and Pronunciation Are Different

Lesson 24 - English Loan Words

Lesson 25 - Korean Words English Speakers Know

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Carrie Parker, 10 Oct, 2019
Hands down the best money I spent on TTMIK products. I learned so much. (Rather I had to unlearn things to relearn them.) While I may not say everything correctly 100% of the time yet since I am still memorizing all the rules and still training myself to forget what I was taught before, I have noticed I am starting to hear the sounds (or what letter they are pronounced like) correctly more often than I was before. Plus when I forget a rule while I'm studying and the word I hear sounds different from what I said I now understand why and I know there is just a rule there that I just need more practice with. It is a much better and more reassuring situation than before where someone was telling me "this is how this one word is pronounced but that is all you're going to get for this lesson. figure the rest out for yourself." Thank you TTMIK.
Barbara Bayer, 16 Aug, 2019
Love these. The videos are actually enjoyable to watch and make studying fun. Honestly! It's like lightbulbs flashing on when I learn the mysteries of when things don't sound like they're written. Everyone should watch this. You'll save yourself a LOT of confusion and stress.
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