Level 1 Korean Grammar


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The first step in your Korean journey! In level 1, you will learn various phrases from greetings to numbers, and learn the fundamentals of conversational Korean.
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Welcome to Talk To Me In Korean Level 1. After studying with all the lessons in this level, you will be able to say basic Korean greetings naturally and have short but meaningful conversations with Korean speakers. When it comes to language learning, studying hard is of course important, but applying what you've learned to your daily life is essential. Please use the knowledge you gain from the free lessons in this level and use them as soon and as often as you can!  

Table Of Contents

Lesson 1 – Hello, Thank you / 안녕하세요, 감사합니다 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 2 – Yes, No, What? / 네, 아니요, 네? (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 3 – Good-bye, See you / 안녕히 가세요, 안녕히 계세요, 안녕 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 4 – I’m sorry, Excuse me / 죄송합니다, 저기요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 5 – It’s me, What is it? / -이에요/예요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 6 – What is this?, This is …. / 이거, 이거 뭐예요? (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 7 – This, That, It / 이, 그, 저 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 8 – It’s NOT / 아니에요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 9 – Topic/Subject marking particles / 은, 는, 이, 가 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 10 – Have, Don’t have, There is, There isn’t / 있어요, 없어요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 11 – Please give me / 주세요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 12 – It’s delicious, It tastes awful, Thank you for the food / 맛있어요, 맛없어요, 잘 먹겠습니다, 잘 먹었습니다 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 13 – I want to / -고 싶어요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 14 – What do you want to do? / 뭐 하고 싶어요? (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 15 – Sino-Korean Numbers / 일, 이, 삼, 사, … (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 16 – Basic Present Tense / -아요, -어요, -여요 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 17 – Past Tense / -았/었/였어요 (했어요) (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 18 – Location-marking Particles / -에/에서 (PDF / MP3)
Lesosn 19 – When / 언제 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 20 – Native Korean numbers / 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷, … (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 21 – Negative Sentences / 안, -지 않다, 안 하다, 하지 않다 (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 22 – 하다 Verbs (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 23 – Who? / 누구? (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 24 – Why? How? / 왜? 어떻게? (PDF / MP3)
Lesson 25 – From A To B, From C Until D / -에서/부터, -까지 (PDF / MP3)
*Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialog in 100% Korean

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Priyal Shenoy, 15 Oct, 2019
First off I'll start by saying how grateful I am for all the efforts you guys are taking for literal strangers to be able to learn Korean. I love how you guys go about it too. Coming to the question, I'm confused about how you pronounce "ne". I've watched one Korean show before, and it always sounded like it was pronounced as "de" "day". When you slowly pronounced it I did hear ne but on normal usage in a sentence it again sounded like "de". I tried pronouncing it as "ne" but the "n" sound is so clear in it that it doesn't sound authentic. I would appreciate some help. Thank you
Mirzohid Abdulhayev, 07 Oct, 2019
Thank you for all. I'm super lazy. I have been living in Korea more than a year and a half. I still can't speak but I can assure you that whatever I understand when a Korean person talks to me, it is because of you. Good luck to you all.
Thaiyuong Nguyen, 03 Oct, 2019
안녕하세요~~ Thank you so much for your lesson, I will try my best to learn Korean <3
Eni, 27 Sep, 2019
Thank you very much for this free education of Korean Language It's really really help me to understand a bit of Korean and make me curious for more lesson 감사합니다 선생님
Calypso McKenzie, 25 Sep, 2019
Just a brilliant introduction to the Korean language~ I've recommended it to so many people. It's some of the most quality content out there :)
Mohamed Bouabdallah, 20 Sep, 2019
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Christin Jansen, 18 Sep, 2019
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Анита Царь, 07 Aug, 2019
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Анита Царь, 07 Aug, 2019
Omg I love it But I use the APP as well
Анита Царь, 07 Aug, 2019
Message deleted by user.
H. E., 14 Jul, 2019
Super easy to follow and learn from! Also very fun to listen to (: Everything is explained so well and the pdfs that are attached are super helpful for further review!! Question: I am interested in getting a beginner Korean learning book. What would you reccomend- there are so many options??!
H. E., 14 Jul, 2019
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