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Real-Life Korean Conversations for Beginners


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Real Life Korean Conversations for Beginners includes 40 different dialogues taken from real life so you can navigate through social situations in Korean with ease.
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Going to a wedding? Want to see that new movie? Starting a budding romance? Once you’ve studied with this book, you’ll have no problem doing those things in Korean! Real Life Korean Conversations for Beginners includes 80 different dialogues taken from real life so you can navigate through social situations in Korean with ease.

In each unit of Real Life Korean Conversations for Beginners there are 2 dialogs delivered just like native Korean speakers would use in conversation. The first dialogue is a short warm-up and the following dialogue is more in depth. You can listen and follow along with the accompanying audio tracks (tip: try repeating each line in a loud voice; this improves your pronunciation and puts you on the fast track to fluency!).

Each unit also includes a list of the important words used in the conversation, followed by a grammar break-down with activities so you can practice that newly learned vocabulary like a champ. There are also cultural tips to help you understand some of the how and why Koreans speak the way they do. One of the best features of the book is the pronunciation points. There are 2 pronunciation points with exercises accompanying each dialogue to help the words roll right off your tongue like a natural.

Are you ready to speak Korean like a native? The best way to do so is to listen to natural conversations and then repeat what you’ve learned. Real Life Korean Conversations for Beginners is the perfect tool to help you do just that!

Pages: 332 pages
Weight: 640g

Reviews by people who have purchased this book

Hanna W.

The best! I bought this halfway into the second grammar book, as I felt I needed some more reading material. This book is amazing - it gives me conversations that have an encouraging length, and it helps me study important grammar points, too!

Alejandro Z.

Accelerated My Learning! I have been listening to the audio lessons for a while, but the book took my learning to the next level! Highly recommended.

Denice L.

Absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend it. I'm successfully learning Korean with the help of the books and the audio lessons. 감사합니다

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Zapara Valeriia Oleksandrovna , 18 Sep, 2019
I've ordered this book, but didn't have it. I was really worried about it, but TTMIK returned me my money. Thanks a lot)
Barbara Bayer, 16 Aug, 2019
This is an excellent book. I have downloaded the audio files to my iPod and listen to them over and over after having run through the meaning and vocabulary. The natural tone of the dialogues is like none other I have encountered and, unfortunately, I had bought many other materials before encountering TTMIK. I wish they provided materials for many other languages I wish to learn! Great work!
Dascha Vidiborski, 09 Aug, 2019
A really good book for beginners with a lovely design and very good layout. I think if you need a good addition to practice reading and add some vocabulary and grammar, this book is for you!
Pb Ferrer, 02 Mar, 2019
The audio files have different sound levels. Some are too loud and some are too weak. Nonetheless, I like the conversations. I enhanced my vocabulary and learned few grammars not on the TTMIK grammar lessons.
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