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Korean Q&A Sentence Patterns


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This book introduces common sentence patterns used in interview questions as well as day-to-day conversations.
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Conversations are basically continuations of questions and answers. Sometimes you ask questions, and other times you answer questions. In this book, we introduce common sentence patterns used in interview questions as well as day-to-day conversations.

There are 50 questions, divided into 10 different categories, and each question is followed by 3 more similar questions, and each sample answer is also followed by 3 more possible answer types. (200 main questions and 200 answers in total!) And about each of the 50 questions, there is a sample answer by Talk To Me In Korean teachers and a short sample dialogue, also followed by study notes.

This will be a great learning material for anyone who is preparing for any kind of interviews in Korean, Korean speaking test, or real-life conversations at work or during travel.

Pages: 256 pages
Weight: 454g

Reviews by people who have purchased this book


I love my book, always take it to everywhere I go to study whenever I have time. Love the fact that explain the different ways thing can be say in Korean, I practice with my Korean friends and they are surprised of how fluent sounds my conversation now, so Thanks a lot!

Kathy L.

This is a wonderful book. I also downloaded the audio to go with the text and it really helped. I've been learning Korean for about 1/2 a year and this is a great book to give exposure to natural speech(the longer answer from the teacher) and various ways to answer a question. Thank you TTMIK!!

Peter K.

Exactly what I needed! Briefly skimmed through the book and from what I read, the sample questions and answers as well as the breakdown of the sentences are exactly what I needed to advance myself in learning Korean!

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Gian Carlos, 24 Apr, 2019
hello, i have never received yet the books that i ordered last february 19, 2019
Shamimi Nasir, 23 Mar, 2019
As a Korean learner I find it really hard to communicate with native speakers because of my lack of vocabulary and Korean knowledge. This book has been very useful for me to overcome that problem. Thank you very much !!
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