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Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions


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Through these lessons and this e-book, you are not only learning the actual idiomatic expressions and how to use them, but also how to explain things in Korean naturally and fluently, by studying with the transcripts and translations.
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Have you ever experienced hearing or seeing a Korean expression and being totally confused as to what it means, even when you know all the words?

This book is designed to help you make sense of some of the idiomatic expressions often used by Koreans and give you the know-how to be able to use the expressions yourself in your conversations in Korean. 100 idiomatic expressions are introduced in this book with a literal and actual usage translation, detailed explanation, and two sample conversations with English translations for each expression. Enriching your Korean to sound more fluent has never been easier. The fun illustrations will also help the expressions stick in your memory!

Pages: 259 pages
Weight: 576g

Reviews by people who have purchased this book

Yuliia P.

I bought "Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions". And I found it really useful and interesting for studying. Thank You guys for such a great job. And hope, you won't stop and continue publish such an amazing books!

Karen C.

Wonderful!! This book is amazing! There are so many expressions that my co-teacher always asks me about to compare to ones in the US. This book is helping me with that. She even asked me about 품절녀 and if we used it the same way. So happy with this book and to increase my Korean language knowledge. ^^

Brian B.

More than I expected. I was expecting a book full of Idioms and a few examples. Instead the TalktomeinKorean team took the extra time to break down the meanings of each individual word in the expression which is incredibly helpful for remembering and understanding Idioms and Chinese Proverbs. Worth the buy.

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