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Beginner Package (Hangeul Master + Level 1 Textbook + Workbook)


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Congratulations on your big decision to start learning the Korean language! If you are just starting, here is our Beginner Package that will help you on your Korean-learning journey.
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Product Details

Hangeul Master

After studying with this book, you too will be a 한글마스터!

  • Have you have ever struggled to read the titles of your favorite K-dramas because of the fancy or handwritten font? 
  • Do you sometimes wonder what Korean handwriting says because you can’t entirely make out all the letters?
  • Do you just want to learn to read and write 한글 better?

With 한글마스터, you will master the Korean writing system in no time!

We cover all the 한글 letters in detail and give you tips on how to easily read Korean handwriting or fonts. This is why we believe you will find this book super useful even if you already know how to read Hangeul.  

Pages: 158 pages
Weight: 397g

Reviews by people who have purchased this book

Monika V.

The easiest way to learn 한글. After reading this book - You will not need any other book or lesson to understand the Korean writing system! It has everything - pronunciation guidelines - handwriting lessons and so much more! I love it!

Lidia P.

This book is really great if you want to learn hangul. It has a lot of exercises that will surely teach you how to properly and colloquially write hangul. I would recommend this book to anyone how is serious about learning Korean.

Lindsey D.

Comprehensive and great! I couldn't imagine a better learning tool to recommend to those learning Hangeul!

Level 1 Grammar Textbook

Learn Korean More Effectively with Our Core Grammar Lessons!

From saying the basic greetings, to counting numbers, and to having simple yet natural conversations in Korean, you can learn the basics of the Korean language with this textbook.

We made this book to help you learn Korean on your own, even if you don't go to a Korean language school to take a course. TTMIK Books are based on the lessons available on our website and in the podcast but improved and edited to fit the book format, so that you can learn Korean on your own. The book comes with mp3 audio files including the recordings of all of the major vocabulary words, expressions, sample sentences and dialogues used in the book. 

After learning each grammar point, you will also see a sample dialogue based on what you've learned in the certain unit. You will also see some exercise questions so that you can check and reinforce what you've learned.

Table Of Contents

1. Hello, Thank you
2. Yes, No, What?
3. Goodbye, See you
4. I'm sorry, Excuse me
5. It's me, What is it?
6. This is..., What is this?
7. This, That, It
8. It's NOT me
9. Topic/Subject Marking Particles
10. Have, Don't have, There is, THere isn't
11. Please give me
12. It's delicious, It tastes awful, Thank you for the food
13. I want to
14. WHat do you want to do?
15. Sino-Korean Numbers
16. Basic Present Tense
17. Past Tense
18. Location Marking Particles
19. When
20. Native Korean Numbers
21. Negative Sentences
22. 하다 Verbs
23. Who?
24. Why? How?
25. From A To B, From C Until D

Pages: 163 pages
Weight: 419g

Reviews by people who have purchased this book

MMonika A.

It is very easy to follow and understand. The layout is also very comfortable. The content inside is interesting and very informative; usually, books of this kind tend to become boring after so time, but this is a very well arranged book that is only filled with useful information.

KKinga B.

The shipping was really fast - faster than I expected - and I really love my new books. It's so much easier to study with them. Thank you TTMIK!

Aaliyah M.

Really helpful and fun! The TTMIK books I have used so far have been really helpful and easy to understand and I’ve enjoyed learning from them. I’ll definitely be getting some more soon!

Jelica D.

The book is amazing! I am very satisfied with how the lectures are explained. I have a lot of fun with every lecture and I feel like I'm learning a lot. I will most definitely buy the next level. Thank you!!

Level 1 Workbook

If you've been learning Korean with the lessons available at Talk To Me In Korean or through our textbooks, you can now also practice and test your Korean with these workbooks. 

This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Talk To Me In Korean Level 1 lessons. Developed by certified teachers to help you review and reinforce what you’ve learned in the Talk To Me In Korean lessons, this workbook contains 6 main categories of review and 13 types of exercises: 

CategoriesTypes of Exercises 
1. Vocabulary review1. Matching
2. Writing2. Fill in the blank
3. Listening Comprehension3. Multiple choice
4. Reading Comprehension4. Dictation
5. Fill in the chart5. Draw a picture
6. Dictation6. Translation (Korean <-> English)
 7. Short answer
 8. Define and translate
 9. Conjugation
 10. Write your own sentence
 11. Q&A
 12. Unscramble and write
 13. Verbification

Pages: 128 pages
Weight: 338g 

Reviews by people who have purchased this book

Laura S.

best workbook! everything you need and even more is in this workbook.

Ann-kathrin R.

Thank you very much! The package came in a very good condition. The books are incredible! They explain the information perfectly and it is easy to understand it! Thank you very very much!

Yunnie Y.

TTMIK Level 1 Workbook. This book is useful as you can use it as a revision and the exercises helps you to understand what you have learned in the Grammar Textbook.

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Rúben Sousa, 16 Apr, 2019
Everything arrived amazingly. It took only 2 weeks. Thank you so very much.
Karolina Tomastikova, 11 Apr, 2019
Message deleted by user.
Karolina Tomastikova, 11 Apr, 2019
These books are hands down the best books for beginners! Everything is explained in detail, but in a way that is very easy to comprehend. Extensive audio files that you can download also come in very handy. The shipping process was very quick and the books ended up arriving a week earlier than they should in excelent condition. I couldn't recommend TTMIK more and will definitely purchase again! ❤
Paris Griffis, 07 Apr, 2019
I have never been more pleased with a language learning book! Thank you, TTMIK!!~
Emily, 25 Mar, 2019
I'm excited to use my new books, but none of the audio clips are available for me. I don't know if it's because I bought the package or not, but it says that I need to buy the book first when I already have.
Anna Vernerová, 19 Feb, 2019
Amazing bundle of books for total noobs that are starting with Korean. It's been two months and I am almost finished and already buying new additions to my collection. :)
Anna, 13 Feb, 2019
My books were delivered after about 2 and a half weeks in tip-top condition! The explanations and activities are all laid out in a very understandable way for beginners! Really happy overall. :-)
Aneta, 28 Jan, 2019
The books came so fast, thank you ! :)
Bernardete Torres, 22 Jan, 2019
Came perfectely! Very good material.
Anna Vernerová, 31 Dec, 2018
Amazing books that are perfect for starting with korean. I was so happy to receive my books a week later I ordered them.
Rachel Solsbery, 23 Dec, 2018
Nice! I got my bundle and I'm so excited. It can be frustrating learning a new language - especially one without letters like in English. Hangeul is a completely new and challenging system but even shortly into the Hangeul book, my intense impatience is being tempered by well written material. I'm seeing progress I wasn't expecting! I take 15 minutes on Hangeul then 15 with the level 1 book, trading back and forth to get some spoken and written in equally. I haven't done anything with the workbook, as I am using the reviews in the other two books right now. Using these and the TTMIK website and downloads is giving me faith that I can do this - even with my impatient mannerisms (I'm very instant gratification oriented, ugh!). Thank you for your hard work, TTMIK crew!!
Diana, 23 Dec, 2018
Awesome! Great quality! Im gonna learn well, hehe ☺️!
Flávia Oliveira, 15 Nov, 2018
I did not receive my order. Just receive an e-mail saying that my order returned to you and thats it. Im trying contact you by email but have no answer for almost a week now.
Anna Vernerová, 02 Nov, 2018
Amazingly fast shipping! Without any problems. I am so happy, can't wait to start learning and definitely will be purchasing more. ♥️
Emma Staudt, 24 Oct, 2018
my order came 10 days later from when i ordered it!! very fast
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