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Easy Korean Reading For Beginners


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Looking for the best Korean reading material for beginner learners?
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Product Details

Looking for an easy Korean reading material for beginners? 

This will help you have much more confidence in your Korean reading comprehension through 30 short stories about various everyday topics! 

If you've been learning Korean for more than at least a month now and feel like you are ready to start reading stuff, but you find regular novels and magazines too hard to begin with, our Easy Korean Reading For Beginners will be a great place to start! 

Table Of Contents

1. 요리 Cooking
2. 영화 Movies
3. 병원 Hospitals and Clinics
4. 영화관 Movie Theaters
5. 잠 Sleeping
6. 편의점 Convenience Stores
7. 쇼핑몰 Shopping Malls
8. 버스 Buses
9. 서점 Bookstores
10. 동물원 The Zoo
11. 캠핑 Camping
12. 아침 시간 In the Morning
13. 택배 Deliveries
14. 안내 Information
15. 회식 Company Dinners

16. 생일 Birthdays
17. 안내방송 Announcements
18. 초대 Invitations
19. 화장품 Makeup
20. 편지 Letters
21. 가을 Autumn
22. 치매 Dementia
23. 취미 Hobbies
24. 소개 Introductions
25. 반려동물 Pets
26. 택시 Taxis
27. 야식 Late-night Snacks
28. 동호회 Clubs 
29. 핸드폰 Cell Phones
30. 냉장고 Refrigerators  

First, read the Korean story part.  

And practice reading everything out loud through the slow reading segment. (Listen to the accompanying audio tracks.) 

And check the translation to see if you understood everything correctly. 

We provide you with all the key vocabulary words so you can get the most out of your reading session. 

Pages: 128 pages
Weight: 270g

Reviews by people who have purchased this book  



I’m soooo in love with this book! I was worried a little about what level beginner they mean but it’s not that far you only have to now the alphabet and a some Korean words... but in one hour I felt that I learned A LOT for real and started to read a little bit better then I used to.


Another excellent book from TTMIK

The Easy Korean Reading book arrived today, but I can already tell that this will be an invaluable addition to my TTMIK library. Such a great idea for a book and just what I need at my level. Thank you so much.

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Barbara Bayer, 16 Aug, 2019
The videos alone are fine, but I bought the book too and was glad I did. There are cute illustrations, the dialogue written in different fonts, great translataions, vocabulary and interesting notes. I highly recommend buying the package, the videos AND the book!
Dascha Vidiborski, 09 Aug, 2019
Really love this book! I'm an intermediate, but it still really helps to practice and improve reading skills and overall text understanding. It covers many great topics and I hope there will be another one coming soon☻
Tamara Biedenfeld, 05 Aug, 2019
This book makes it so easy to learn new vocabulary and read Korean.
Paulina Jodkauskaitė, 09 Jul, 2019
Good condition
Karen Oppong-Appiah, 05 Jul, 2019
나의 잭은 정말 좋아해요. 감사합나다 그리고 수고하셔십니다.
Waseem Almozain, 23 Jun, 2019
I have been using this book for months, and it helps understand the structure of the sentence and learn more vocabulary
Gian Carlos, 24 Apr, 2019
hello, i have never received yet the books that i ordered last february 19, 2019
Adias Ho, 23 Apr, 2019
really well made and useful :)
Claire Timbrell, 19 Apr, 2019
This books makes reading Korean so easy! The sentences are easy for beginners to understand, but are hard enough that it won't be boring if you are already more advanced in Korean. It also breaks down each sentence into the English translation and then goes over the key words from each story. I highly recommend this book :)
Rosalind Henderson, 05 Mar, 2019
This book is a great way to improve reading, vocabulary and listening depending on how use utilise it. I found some of it tricky but the accompanying video course really clears up what I was stuck on. Worth getting both book and video course if it seems a bit too advanced. Very versatile resource that makes learning more interesting. My only frustration is the font (on the first page of each unit) sometimes makes the Korean tricky to read but the next page does compensate as it is in a clearer typed font. I really enjoy this book and would love more at different levels.
Pb Ferrer, 26 Jan, 2019
I've finished Grammar Level 4 about 2 months ago but I can't seem to move on to Level 5 cause I felt like I need reinforcements to master the beginner grammars. This book is definitely what I was looking for. It really helps improve pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension.
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