Reading Comprehension: Easy Korean Reading For Beginners


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Study with 30 short Korean passages broken down and explained in detail!
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Product Details

This video course is based on the book Easy Korean Reading For Beginners and in the lessons included in the course, we break down every single line and explain all the little details for you. You can learn a lot of detailed information and how each sentence is formed by watching the video lessons.  

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Tamara Biedenfeld, 29 Nov, 2019
He does a very good job of explaining things to us. Even the words are straightforward, he'll at least tell us what the word is in its base form. He makes it very easy to take notes.
Tran Ha, 05 Oct, 2019
This video course is really helpful. I hope that TTMIK will make more of this kind of video lessons using stories. I'd be interested in purchasing. I like how the sentences are explained and pronunciations are pointed out on specific word that is pronounced differently than it appears (sound change).
Barbara Bayer, 16 Aug, 2019
I'm a sucker for language learning materials and have spent a lot of money on them. Most books sit gathering dust as I soon tire of them. NOT the case with any of the books I've ordered from TTMIK and though I usually shy away from reading early days, I was very happy to find this one with audio files. Watching the video and listening to the audio has given me the courage to face the words! And I actually can feel myself recognizing the printed word. Noticing this progress (it used to take me ages just to sound out the letters) is great motivation to continue. These materials are just the best!
Ling XU, 30 Apr, 2019
I have not received the book by mail yet. how can I track the mailling status? thank you!
Seasaí, 11 Dec, 2018
I love this course very much! The content is so well explained and very easy to follow. I also love how little pronunciation things are pointed out. I'm about halfway through and already I have learned so much. Thank you so much to TTMIK for this! No better place than here to learn Korean :)
Alex V, 21 Oct, 2018
excellent explanation of each of the stories and also various ways to say things. I want to partly include a review for the book as I think it's an excellent resource and if you were to make another one that is a bit higher level with the same variety that the reading book brings I would buy day 1. I hope for there to be more books like this and I wholeheartedly recommend this video series and book. although for the next book it would be better to not have the repeat section but just slightly longer stories followed by the vocabulary or culture notes. Also let 박주연 do the narration.
Erica Wai Cheung, 28 Sep, 2018
Very clear explanation and good length of video. You will understand much more than just reading from the book and translation. Money well spent :) Please do another series!!!!! Fun way to learn Korean :)
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