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We get a ton of questions from learners around the world, especially on Twitter, and we are making videos where we answer some of the most interesting questions that can be useful for other learners too. Here's a list of all the questions we've answered in this series so far. 
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Video: Korean Q&A – How to say “WHAT IF?” in Korean


Video: Korean Q&A – Why say 여보세요 when answering the phone?


Video: Korean Q&A – What does 웃음기 mean?


Video: Korean Q&A – What is 급식체?


Video: Korean Q&A – Want (원하다 vs -고 싶다)

  • What is the difference between 원하다 and -고 싶다?
  • What is 인친?
  • What does 쪼만해 mean?
  • What is the difference between 품절 and 매진?

Video: Korean Q&A – ㄷ vs. ㄹ (pronunciation difference)

  • Why does 처럼 sound like 처덤?
  • What is the difference between 답게 and 처럼?
  • Why do Koreans mix up 바래다 and 바라다?
  • What does 극복기 mean?

Video: Korean Q&A – 감사합니다 vs 고마워요

  • What is the difference between 건드리다 and 만지다?
  • What does 기가 막히다 mean?
  • What is the difference between 내 and 나의 ?
  • In which context does 뛰다 mean run or jump?
  • What is the difference between 고마워요 and 감사합니다?

Video: Korean Q&A – What does -는 셈이다 mean?

  • What does -는 셈이다 mean?
  • What is  the difference between 사연 and 이야기?
  • What is the difference between 하루, 매일 and 날?
  • What is the difference between 진짜요? and 그래요?

Video: KoreanQ&A  – What is 막?

  • What is 막? How do you use this word?

Video: Korean Q&A – “When” and When to Use It (때 vs. 언제)

  • Do 신문 보다 and 신문 읽다 mean the same thing?
  • Are 때 and 언제 interchangeable?
  • What is the difference between 어서 and 빨리?
  • What does 에 대한 mean?

Video: Korean Q&A – To Hate, 미워하다 vs. 싫다

  • What is the difference between 연락하다 and 전화하다?
  • What is the difference between 미워하다 and 싫다?
  • Why do Koreans sometimes write 돼요 as 되요 ?
  • What is the difference between 같은 and 처럼?

Video: Korean Q&A – How is 안 and 속 different? (Both mean “inside”)

  • What is the difference between 안에 and 속에?
  • Why does the ㅅ in 존댓말 sound like a ㄴ ?
  • What is  the difference between 오늘부터 and 앞으로?
  • What is the difference between 모르다 vs. 모르겠다 and 알다 vs. 알겠다

Video: Korean Q&A – Many Meanings Of 그냥

  • What is the difference between 끝나다 and 끝내다?
  • What is the difference between ~와 and ~하고?
  • Is the a big difference between 수줍다 and 부끄럽다?
  • What is the difference between ~만, ~뿐 and 그냥?

Video: Korean Q&A – How To Say “Fake News” in Korean?

  • How do you say “Ok, sure, no problem” in Korean?
  • What does 믿는 구석 mean?
  • Why are people who aren’t teachers called 선생님?
  • How do you say “this is fake” in Korean?

Video: Korean Q&A – “여러분” vs. Everybody

  • Is there a difference between 가져오다 and 데려오다?
  • What does 아무말 대잔치 mean?
  • How do you say “the song + song name” in Korean?
  • What is the difference between 다들 and 여러분?

Video: 쌤 [ssaem]? 선생님 [seon-saeng-nim]?

  • When would someone say 어디 갔다 왔어요? and when would they say 어디 갔어요?
  • What is the difference between 쌤 and 선생님?
  • What is the difference between -야 해요 and -야 돼요?
  • When Koreans talk to strangers online do they use polite language or just casual?

Video: “WWW” and “dot com” in Korean?

  • What is the difference between 순간/시간 and 추억/기억?
  • What does 실화 mean?
  • What do 초보운전 and 유리멘탈 mean?
  • How do you say a URL in Korean?

Video: Why do people say 잘 보고 가요 on my Instagram posts?

  • What is 그나마?
  • What is the difference between 도와주세요 and 살려주세요?
  • How do I respond to “잘 보고 가요”?
  • How do you say “oh,  I just realized you followed me. I’ll follow you back.” in Korean?

Video:  The “-음” and ”-ㅁ” Sentence Ending

  • What’s the difference between 이제 and 지금?
  • Can you use an exclamation mark with the phrase “감사합니다”?
  • What is the -음 ending?
  • How do you pluralize nouns in Korean?

Video: 니가 [ni-ga] vs. 네가 [ne-ga] – How are they different?

  • How are 니가 and 네가 different?
  • What’s the difference between 맞추다 and 맞히다?
  • Why do people say 우리 when they mean “my”?
  • If I add -자 to a verb, does it become “Let’s”?

Video: Why Is ㅅ Pronounced as [ T ]?

  • Why is ㅅ pronounced as T sometimes?
  • If you conjugate 얇다, is it 얇아 or 얇어?
  • How does -ㄹ 필요는 없다 work?
  • Differences between 고민, 걱정 and 신경?

Video: Pronunciation Difference Between ㅐ and ㅔ?

  • Why is -돌이 a nickname for guys and -순이 a nickname for girls?
  • How are 녹화하다 and 촬영하다 different?
  • What is the difference between ㅐ and ㅔ in pronunciation?

Video: How to say “Talk To Me In Korean” in Korean?

  • How do you say “Talk To Me In Korean” in Korean?
  • What does 샤샥 mean?
  • What does 착각하지 마 mean?
  • How do you say “When do you feel happy?”

Video: How To Pronounce “않”

  • What is the difference between 만나다 and 마중하다?
  • What is the difference between 놓다 and 넣다?
  • Why do Korean people say “왜?” instead of “뭐” when they mean “what?”
  • How do you pronounce 않?

Video: Understanding, Honorifics, Shall We? & Want To

  • Difference between -(으)ㄹ래요? and -(으)ㄹ까요?
  • Difference between 이해하다 and 알아듣다?
  • How to use 계시다
  • Is -고파 an abbreviated form of -고 싶어?

Video: Being Late, Dirt, Land & Good Post

  • Difference between 흙, 토양 and 땅
  • Difference between 늦다 and 지각하다
  • Meaning of 또 놀러 올게요
  • Meaning of 바로

Video: In Love, Older Brother’s Wife, Sitting, Ride

  • How to say “to be in love”
  • How to say “Can I have a ride?”
  • Difference between 앉아 있다 and 앉고 있다
  • How to address your older brother’s wife
  • Difference between 그립다 and 그리워하다

Video: Dessert, Loneliness, Difference & Big Nose?

  • Difference between 디저트 and 후식
  • How to say “What is the difference between A and B?”
  • Difference between 고독하다 and 외롭다
  • Meaning of 큰 코 다칠라
  • Is there an equivalent to “re” as in “retry”?

Video: Seeing a Doctor, Korean Friends & Saying Hi

  • How to say “I went to see a doctor” 
  • Meaning of 뉸뉴난나  
  • How to say “I have many Korean friends” 
  • Meaning of 안부
  • Meaning of 없지 않아 있는 것 같아요 

Video: Nice profile, Double past tense & Locals

  • How to say “locals” in Korean
  • Why some people say 했었어 instead of just 했어
  • Meaning of 잘 보고 갑니다
  • How to say “in other words” in Korean

Video: Profile Picture, YOU, Titles & For Here

  • How to say “For here” or “I’ll have it here” 
  • Meaning of “프사”?
  • Shouldn’t “you are” be written as 니가 and not 네가?
  • How to address someone politely

Video: Tattoo, Wisdom Tooth, Phone Call & Sleepy

  • How to say “I have a tattoo”
  • How to say “I’m not sleepy”
  • Difference between 전화 and 통화
  • Why is a wisdom tooth called 사랑니?

Video: Pros & Cons, Plural Form, Ph.D., & Talking To Children

  • How to say “pros and cons”
  • How to make something plural in Korean
  • How to say “graduate student”
  • How to say “master’s degree”
  • What is the ending -렴 supposed to mean?

Video: Forget, Favorite & Fingers Crossed

  • How to say “How is your mother?”
  • How to say “Let me think.”
  • Difference between 잊다 and 깜빡하다
  • How to say “favorite”
  • How to say “cross your fingers”

Video: Fortunately, Episodes, In A Hurry & Full Of Confidence

  • How to say “fortunately” 
  • Meaning of -부작 in 24부작 when people count how many episodes there are in a drama series
  • Difference between 얼른 and 빨리
  • Meaning of “똘똘 뭉치다”
  • Meaning of “뜯어고치다”

Video: Pretty, Roger, Helpful, And I Don’t know

  • Difference between 몰라요 and 모르겠어요
  • How to say “Roger that” or “Copy that”
  • How to say that something is “helping you”

Video: Suddenly, Today, Tired & Good luck

  • Difference between 갑자기 and 어느새
  • Difference between 오늘 and 하루
  • How to say “Aren’t you tired?”

Video: Spelling, Guest & Professor

  • Difference between 맞춤법 and 철자
  • Difference between 고객님 and 손님
  • How to say “Life is not perfect.”

Video: Family Name “Choi”, Again, Anywhere

  • Difference between 다시 and 또
  • Difference between 아무 데나 and 어디든
  • How to pronounce 최

Video: Military Salute, Follow Me & Eat More

  • How to say “salute” in Korean
  • What’s the most natural way to say “follow me on Twitter” in Korean?
  • How to say “You’re too skinny. Please eat more.”

Video: Change Clothes, Dust, and Refrigerator

  • How to say “change clothes”
  • If 먼지 is dust, what is 미세 먼지 and how is it different from normal dust?

Video: Embarrassing, Knives, and Growing Up

  • How to say “I’m embarrassed”
  • The most natural way to say “knife”
  • Where do you put the word for “more” in a Korean sentence?

Video: Falling in love, Underground, and Fasting

  • Meaning of 지하
  • How to say “fasting” in Korean
  • How to ask someone “Can I call you oppa?”

Video: Dating, Shopping, And Joking

  • Meaning of 연애
  • How to say “I’m just kidding”
  • How to tell a store clerk that you are “just browsing”

Video: Tattoo, Handstand, and Kakao Talk

  • How to say “tattoo”
  • How to say “handstand”
  • Meaning of “선톡”

Video: Self, TV Episodes, and School

  • How to say “self”
  • How to count TV episodes in Korean
  • How to say “school starts”

Video: Hello From [Country Name]

  • How to say “Hello from Australia(or any other country name)”
  • How to say “I want to study abroad.”

Video: Subtitles, Professor, BRRR, and More

  • How to address a professor
  • How to say “I watched it with English subtitles?”
  • How to write BRRRR in Korean

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