My Daily Routine In Korean

My Daily Routine In Korean is a picture dictionary designed to help you learn everyday Korean words and expressions through convenient visual aids.

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  1. Jarrett McConnell,

    This book has so much vocabulary related to the topics presented inside of it. My only issue was that the translated vocabulary would be on the back of the page it was initially printed on, which can make for awkward reading. Other than that, a great little book!

  2. Elizabeth Johnstone,

    This is a very practical book with memorable illustrations. It’s small enough at about 6 inches X 7 inches that you can put it in your purse or bag to take it with you everyday to practice your vocabulary. It has helped me tremendously with just everyday words, and it’s divided into topics so it’s easy to find exactly what you need/want to study. It’s also easy to quiz yourself as the English translation is on the back of the Korean phrases and illustrations page. Thoughtful layout! I love how useful and helpful it is even though it’s so compact. It’s a must have!

  3. Shannon,

    I love how small and lightweight this book is. You could easily bring it along everywhere to study throughout the day. The book contains a lot of useful words, verbs and phrases accompanied by funny illustrations to support understanding.

  4. Ana Tinoco,

    I think this book is wonderful, it has so much vocabulary that can be used in the journal that it is amazing, plus you can associate it with the images and personally I think it is great. In addition, I think the audio of the book is really good and very helpful.

  5. Cheryl Schaeffer,

    I love the practical use of this book. I find when learning in context and with situations that are real for my own life, it’s so much easier. This book is perfect!

  6. Maeva,

    Thanks you for this pretty dictionary! I totally fall in love with the drawing! And of course it’s so useful, simple and really improve your vocabulary! It teach me new expressions for the daily life but this kind of expression that you can’t learn without book like that… useful, interesting and unique! I wasn’t able to find this kind of resources anywhere! Thanks a lot TTMIK team you’re the best!

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Thank you for your compliments:) Hope you enjoy our other books too! Happy studying^^

    • ,

      Hello! I tried to order a few books but I cant find my country there, I’m from Kosovo and I wanted to ask you to put my country there as I am a huge fan of your work!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Hello Lizzy,
      If you still can’t find your country, please send us an email to [email protected].
      We’re happy to help!
      Thank you!

  7. Dascha Vidiborski,

    Many vocabularies of different topics. Haven’t found a good way to incorporate it into my studies yet, but you will find great and sometimes unusual vocabularies to add to your studies. The illustrations and layout are very helpful and well made!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Many thanks🙂

  8. Tangalia Ingram,

    This book is very reliable and easy to learn from. I can express my daily activities easily and most of all, the book is adorable! I’m more of a visual person and learn from having things in front of me. I must have colors and pictures added to help me understand things better. This book is the one! It’s very organized and easy to understand! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn Korean. Thank you TTMIK:)

    • Selina Olmos,

      @yeji Kim Thank you so much for the reply! Also, thank you for the information I will be sure to check that out.

    • Yeji KIm,

      @Tangalia Ingram Hi! This is Yeji Kim from Talk To Me In Korean. Thank you so much for your detailed review. I am also a visual learner. So I fully understand how helpful colorful visual aids are! We are so happy that you find the book helpful. 🙂

    • Yeji KIm,

      @Selina Olmos Hi! This is Yeji Kim from Talk To Me In Korean. This book comes with a set of downloadable audio files where Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun enunciate all the expressions multiple times. With the audio course, Listen & Repeat – My Daily Routine In Korean, you can practice conjugating expressions, introduced in the book, and building longer sentences based on them. You can also work on your speaking skills by listening and repeating the sentences. Please note that the audio course does not come with the book.

    • Selina Olmos,

      Hello, I was planning on getting this book but I was gonna ask does this come with audio when you buy it or do you need to buy the listen and repeat part for there store?