30 Essential Irregular Korean Verbs

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Target level

From low to upper beginners

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Learn how irregular verbs are conjugated when combined with various verb endings
  • Learn accurate pronunciation of each word and example sentence
  • Practice speaking by listening and repeating after Kyung-hwa
  • Practice 존댓말(formal language) and 반말(casual language)


Sample lesson



Cassie Casper
Kyung-hwa Sun

Course language

Korean, English

What can you find inside the course?

  • 30 lessons
  • Lesson notes for each lesson including extra examples

Table of contents

  1.  돕다 to help
  2. 어렵다 to be difficult
  3. 쉽다 to be easy
  4. 춥다 to be cold
  5. 덥다 to be hot
  6. 눕다 to lie down
  7. 굽다 to bake, to roast
  8. 맵다 to be spicy
  9. 아름답다 to be beautiful
  10. 귀엽다 to be cute
  11. 고르다 to choose
  12. 다르다 to be different
  13. 모르다 to not know
  14. 빠르다 to be fast
  15. 자르다 to cut
  16. 기르다 to raise, to grow
  17. 게으르다 to be lazy
  18. 누르다 to press
  19. 듣다 to listen, to hear
  20. 걷다 to walk
  21. 묻다 to ask
  22. 싣다 to load
  23. 낫다 to recover, to get well
  24. 잇다 to join, to connect
  25. 짓다 to build
  26. 붓다 to pour
  27. 긋다 to draw (a line)
  28. 파랗다 to be blue
  29. 까맣다 to be black
  30. 이렇다 to be like this