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Level 1 Korean Grammar

The first step in your Korean journey! In level 1, you will learn various phrases from greetings to numbers, and learn the fundamentals of conversational Korean.
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Hello. Thank you. / 안녕하세요. 감사합니다.

Yes. No. What? / 네. 아니요. 네?

Good-bye. See you. / 안녕히 가세요. 안녕히 계세요. 안녕.

I’m sorry. Excuse me. / 죄송합니다. 저기요.

It’s me. What is it? / 저예요. 뭐예요?

What is this? This is ... / 이거 뭐예요? 이거...

This, That, It / 이, 그, 저

It’s NOT me. / 아니에요.

Particles for Topic and Subject / 은, 는, 이, 가

have, don’t have, there is, there isn’t / 있어요, 없어요

Please give me. / 주세요.

It’s delicious. Thank you for the food. / 맛있어요. 잘 먹겠습니다. 잘 먹었습니다.

I want to ... / -고 싶어요

What do you want to do? / 뭐 하고 싶어요?

Sino-Korean Numbers / 일, 이, 삼, 사

Basic Present Tense / -아요, -어요, -여요

Past Tense / -았/었/였어요 (했어요)

Particles for Location / 에, 에서

When / 언제

Native Korean numbers / 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷

Negative Sentences / 안, -지 않다

하다 verbs

Who? / 누구?

Why? How? / 왜? 어떻게?

From A To B, From C Until D / -에서/부터 -까지

Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialogue in 100% Korean

Korean Snapshot (Real-Life Korean Text Explained)

(Upper Beginner to Intermediate) Perplexed with signs in Korean? Buckle up for an adventure to the world of signs!
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Lesson 1 - Commuting

Lesson 2 - Postal Savings

Lesson 3 - The Fire Extinguisher

Lesson 4 - Fare Evasion

Lesson 5 - Refundable Transportation Card

Lesson 6 - Safe Way Back Home

Lesson 7 - Free Charging Station

Lesson 8 - City Airport Terminal

Lesson 9 - Keep Out Sign

Lesson 10 - School Zone

Lesson 11 - Sign in a Clinic

Lesson 12 - Special Pork

Lesson 13 - Bicycles on the Subway

Lesson 14 - How to Use the Escalator

Lesson 15 - Data Plan

Lesson 16 - Sign in Starbucks

Lesson 17 - Free Shipping Service

Lesson 18 - Emergency Sign

Lesson 19 - Signs in the Park

Lesson 20 - Public Housing

Drama Korean - 사랑, 기억에 머물다 - Part 1

Learn Korean through a fun Korean web drama featuring a member of the popular Korean girl group Apink.
0 / 12 Lessons

Drama Korean (Lesson 1) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Drama Korean (Lesson 2) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Drama Korean (Lesson 3) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

사랑, 기억에 머물다 Episode 1-1

Drama Korean (Lesson 4) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Drama Korean (Lesson 5) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Drama Korean (Lesson 6) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

사랑, 기억에 머물다 Episode 1-2

Drama Korean (Lesson 7) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Drama Korean (Lesson 8) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Drama Korean (Lesson 9) 사랑, 기억에 머물다

사랑, 기억에 머물다 Episode 2-1

IYAGI: Cultural Topics with Andreas the Greek

#intermediate #realtime_feedback #300minute_listening_practice #Korean_English_subtitles
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Introduction - How to study with this course

Invitations & Gift Giving Cultures

Drinks at Convenience Stores

Cooking in Korea

Hygiene Habits

Bringing Babies Everywhere/ Babysitting Culture

Shopping in Korea

Voice in Person vs. Voice on Phone

Not Knowing Someone's Name

Pet Peeves

Meeting Korean Celebrities

Korean Television

Foreigners in the Entertainment Industry in Korea

Coffee Shop

Beauty vs Innocence

Couple expectations (messaging and phone)

Foreigner Pass

Compliment Culture

Webtoons in Korea

Parking in Korea

Korean Discipline

Working out in Korea

Dieting in Korea

Spending Money in Korea

Glamping & Picnic

Ajoshee Gags

Recycling in Korea

Riding a motorcycle in Korea

Taking Pictures

Daily Questions We Get

Credit Cards vs Cash / Online Banking

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