Beginner’s Guide to Living in Korea

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About this course

Get insiders' tips on living in Korea from Angela Park and Peter Bint. Both of them have lived in Korea for more than 10 years now and through this course, they share real-life tips and information that can be difficult to obtain from books or government websites, about topics such as taxes, dating, driving, etc. Nothing can beat direct experiences, but before you start living or spending some time in Korea, listening to these entertaining conversations will help you better prepare for your time in Korea!

Target level

all levels

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Acquire fundamental knowledge about living in Korea
  • Learn a bunch of real-life vocabulary words and expressions, and related cultural background






Course language


What can you find inside the course?

  • 10 different topics related to living in Korea discussed in detail
  • A list of vocabulary words used in each lesson with detailed explanation

Table of Contents

  1. Eating out (외식)
  2. Education (교육 제도)
  3. Medical services (의료 서비스)
  4. Driving (운전)
  5. Trash disposal (쓰레기 배출)
  6. Paying taxes (세금 납부)
  7. Housing (주거 시설)
  8. Convenience stores (편의점)
  9. Using the bank (은행 이용)
  10. Dating (연애 문화)


  1. Brandon Chia,

    This course is amazing. I plan to move to Korea in the future and i would love more longer videos with Angela and Peter with in depth information regarding looking for jobs, common etiquette and cultural differences. I also am wondering how Koreans would usually react to a foreigner trying to speak their language.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      It depends on people, but we mostly try to speak their language if we can 🙂 I guess that’s because we want to make them feel comfortable. 🙂 댓글 감사합니다 ! 한국어 공부 화이팅 🙂

  2. Bridget,

    This was a great course to learn about Living in Korea. I have never gotten the opportunity to travel there, but I do hope to go and live there for at least a short period of time. The information in this video series was not only useful, but the hosts were entertaining as well.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      강의가 도움 되었다니 정말 기뻐요 🙂 Hope you enjoy learning from other courses !

  3. Haley,

    I’ve been in Korea for 5 years. This would have been invaluable before arriving! Thanks for putting this together! Also, sister solidarity with Angela regarding the bank jargon. To this day I dread trips to the bank. I’m working on it!

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for learning Korean with us ! 🙂

  4. Anabel Arroyo,

    I really enjoyed this course. Angela and Peter are very likeable and they explain everything in a very candid and clear way. I hope a second installment will come.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      So glad that you enjoyed this course 🙂 감사합니다 !

  5. YiXing Wang,

    This is literally surviving book for people who is new to Korean, and it’s super decent. Btw, tipping culture do sucks.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. VIC IP,

    Really interesting! I can’t wait for more

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      We’re glad that you liked it! 🙂

  7. Maricris David,

    이거 너무 재미있어요. 안제라랑 피터가 목소리는 좋네요.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      네! 두 분 목소리가 참 좋죠! 😁

  8. Festré Yvan,

    정말 좋다 . I love it. I feel like I just wanna leave right away and go live in Korea. 감사합니다 .

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      We will welcome you 🙂 Thank you for learning Korean with us