Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make (And How To Fix Them) with Go! Billy Korean

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Target level

From mid-beginners to low intermediate learners

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Learn how to avoid common Korean mistakes made by Korean learners and how to talk more like a native
  • Deepen your understanding in the Korean language by learning why Korean learners speaking English tend to make similar mistakes
  • Identify your Korean mistakes that you might have made unconsciously


Trailer + Sample lesson




Course language


What can you find inside the course?

  • 50 lessons and lesson notes
  • Sample sentences and translation

Table of contents

  1. Korean Word Order
  2. Politeness Mistakes - Saying "You"
  3. Politeness Mistakes - Mixing Levels
  4. Politeness Mistakes - Honorific Speech
  5. Politeness Mistakes - Humble Speech
  6. He and She
  7. Saying "Please"
  8. Saying "Only"
  9. Negative Conjugation
  10. Pure Korean Numbers
  11. Past Tense
  12. Two 'To Be's
  13. Pronunciation - ㄹ
  14. Pronunciation - Double Consonants
  15. Pronunciation - Strong Consonants
  16. Pronunciation - ㅗ and ㅓ
  17. If and When
  18. Don't and Can't
  19. Making Plurals
  20. Connecting Nouns with "And"
  21. Calling Out to Friends
  22. Saying "Let's"
  23. Wearing Clothing
  24. How Much Later?
  25. Hot and Cold
  26. Saying "We"
  27. Hello and Goodbye
  28. Asking the Time
  29. Asking the Date
  30. Asking Someone's Name
  31. Asking Someone's Age
  32. What Do You Think?
  33. Explaining What You Think
  34. 에 and 에서
  35. Saying Sorry
  36. You're Welcome
  37. Nice to Meet You
  38. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
  39. Expressing Wants
  40. 어떻게 and 어떡해
  41. Who?
  42. Saying "Or"
  43. "Excuse Me"
  44. "Shall We"
  45. Saying Because
  46. This and That
  47. Fun and Boring
  48. Topic and Subject Markers
  49. Add Some Emotion
  50. Playing Together


  1. Festré Yvan,

    Sparing a lot of time and avoiding mistakes by benefiting from the experience of those who made them before you. Very Useful. 감사합니다 .

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      We appreciate your sincere review.
      감사합니다, Festré!