10 Korean Expressions for Flavors with Various Meanings

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Target level

from upper beginners to advanced learners

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Learn to express flavors with delicate words and expressions
  • Learn to express textures with the most natural Korean words
  • Broaden your vocabulary by learning the expanded meanings of Korean expressions for flavors and how they are used in daily life
  • Learn relevant grammar points and pronunciation rules"




Yeji Kim

Course language


What can you find inside the course?

  • 11 video lesson and lesson notes with more detailed explanation
  • 2 lessons for review quizzes

Table of contents

  1. 맵다 - to be spicy
  2. 짜다 - to be salty
  3. 싱겁다 - to be bland
  4. 달다 - to be sweet
  5. 쓰다 - to be bitter
  6. Review Session (Lessons 1-5)
  7. 고소하다 - to be nutty + α
  8. 느끼하다 - to be greasy
  9. 담백하다 - to be mild-tasting
  10. 떫다 - to be astringent
  11. 시원하다 - to be cool
  12. Review Session (Lessons 7-11)
  13. 식감 - Textures in Korean