How Korean Sentences Work

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Target level

From low to upper beginners

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Learn how Korean sentences work in terms of the word order, conjugation rules and conjunctions
  • Learn why particles are important in the Korean language and how to use them properly in sentences to add nuance
  • Learn to form longer sentences using conjunctive parts and compound structures


Trailer + Sample lesson



Hyunwoo Sun

Course language


What can you find inside the course?

  • 15 main lessons and 14 review sessions in between


Customer reviews

"Merry Christmas guys!! I've been spending Christmas morning with Lesson 7! Such a great lesson! Again, let me say how awesome it is to have lessons that are very well focused (no going off on confusing tangents), simple sentences, and very slowly spoken. I can't tell you how helpful that is for a very beginning learner. Slow and simple. Keep it up - this lesson package is a true gem!!"

Paula M.

"I was really pleased with the course "How Korean Sentences Work." I'm a upper beginner and have been studying Korean for a while now, but I always struggled with the word order when it came to making longer Korean sentences, and sometimes sentences in general. This video course had exactly what I was looking for! Hyunwoo ssi, did a great job breaking down the process. The first lessons are about how Korean structure works in general, such as particles, conjunctions, etc. Although I learned them through their audio lessons, learning it again through a video course really helped to reinforce everything. By the time you get to the last lessons, learning how to make a long sentence is not at all difficult. If you need a little help getting your word order straight when making sentences, or just sentence trouble in general, I wholeheartedly recommend this video course. I just wish I could give it a high rating. Great job TTMIK!"

Morgan J.

Table of contents

  1. Basic Sentences + [Review]
  2. Making Questions + [Review]
  3. Negative Sentences + [Review]
  4. Basic Tenses (Past, Present, Future) + [Review]
  5. Saying "Of" in Korean + [Review]
  6. How Korean Particles Work + [Review]
  7. Understanding How to Use "And" and "But" + [Review]
  8. How to Say "Can" or "Be able to" + [Review]
  9. How to Say "Want" + [Review]
  10. How to Say "I think" or "It seems" + [Review]
  11. Modifying a Noun Using Verbs + [Review]
  12. Making Your Korean Sentences Longer (Part 1) + [Review]
  13. Making Your Korean Sentences Longer (Part 2) + [Review]
  14. Making Your Korean Sentences Longer (Part 3) + [Review]
  15. Making Your Korean Sentences Longer (Summary) + [Review]