IYAGI (beginner) – Listening in 100% Natural Korean

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Target level

From mid to upper beginners

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Improve your listening skills by listening to two native speakers naturally speaking in Korean
  • Learn a bunch of essential and useful words and expressions that you can use in your daily life right away
  • Get a peak into Korean culture behind the conversations


Sample lesson


Hyunwoo Sun
Jooyeon Park
Kyeong-eun Choi

Course language

Korean, English

What can you find inside the course?

  • 10 conversations and 10 lessons
  • A PDF of lesson notes
  • Full transcript and translation


Customer reviews

"I love love love TTMIK and am so grateful to have found this site. This beginner series is a great supplement to the regular lessons provided on TTMIK's website; it is giving me more confidence in my listening skills, which is the area I feel I am the weakest in. I love listening to Cassie and 현우 break down the conversations in a very easy-to-understand and fun way. For all the hard work that the TTMIK team puts into their (free!) lessons, I think the beginner series is definitely worth the price. Thanks so much for making Korean so accessible and enjoyable! 감사합니다! :D"

Erin H.

"I've learned a lot of new vocab and useful phrases from listening to the conversations and detailed breakdowns. It's really helping me a lot in developing my ear for Korean. I'm currently taking an Elementary (A2) course and I recommend starting this after finishing an Elementary (A1 or Topik Level 1) level course. I finished listening to all of the recordings once and I'm relistening to them again for the 2nd (or 3rd) time before moving on to the intermediate-level IYAGI materials. I've definitely noticed a mark improvement on my listening comprehension. All in all, I'm a big fan of IYAGI Beginner series and I wish they would make more!"

Christine S.

"I really like that they are breaking down every single sentence and they are expaining more difficult words that you can completly understand whole dialogue. It's a perfect way to study new words and natural sentences at the same time. I hope you'll make more of this goodness in the near future TTMK!!"


Table of contents

  1. [Conversation Only] Do You Eat Breakfast? - 아침 식사
  2. Do You Eat Breakfast? - 아침 식사
  3. [Conversation Only] Have Your Ever Raised a Pet? - 애완동물
  4. Have Your Ever Raised a Pet? - 애완동물
  5. [Conversation Only] Dramas - 드라마
  6. Dramas - 드라마
  7. [Conversation Only] What do you do on Summer Vacation? - 여름 휴가
  8. What do you do on Summer Vacation? - 여름 휴가
  9. [Conversation Only] What is your Ideal type? - 이상형
  10. What is your Ideal type? - 이상형
  11. [Conversation Only] How To Spend Time Alone - 혼자 시간을 보내는 방법
  12. How To Spend Time Alone - 혼자 시간을 보내는 방법
  13. [Conversation Only] Do you use social media? - SNS
  14. Do you use social media? - SNS
  15. [Conversation Only] What kind of books do you like to read? - 책
  16. What kind of books do you like to read? - 책
  17. [Conversation Only] Do you like traveling? - 여행
  18. Do you like traveling? - 여행
  19. [Conversation Only] What kind of food do you like to eat? - 음식
  20. What kind of food do you like to eat? - 음식


  1. Maricris David,

    I haven’t completed the course yet but I wanted to write a review already, so here it is! I’m really enjoying this course. It helped me big time in expanding my Korean vocabulary. I can now easily understand simple to mid-level Korean conversations. What I do in this course is I listen to the ‘conversation only’ lesson and translate it on my own. Then, I check the ‘explanation part’ to see if my translation is correct. I get a confidence boost whenever I get it correctly. No regrets in clicking that premium membership. 선생님들 덕분에 한국어 배운 거 안 어려웠요. 제가 열심히 공부하고 한국에 여행 갈거예요. TTMIK 한국에서 만나요!!

  2. Bridget,

    I use a lot of TTMIK resources, and the IYAGI series might just take the cake. My listening comprehension improved drastically with this course, and I am going back through it all again. If you need to improve your listening comprehension, you should take this course.

  3. Charles Hunk,

    This looks good! I did start with the ‘real-life conversations for beginners’ as recommended below, however what I missed on that course are the conversation transcripts (I still have blanks from pieces I couldn’t decipher from just listening and re-listening).

  4. Festré Yvan,

    Very usefull. I recommend to use first “Real-life conversations for beginners”.
    Then jump to Iyagi and enjoy.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Great recommendation! 😊 감사합니다!


      There’s no way to search on mobile to find the course recommended above. How can I find it without leaving the site and putting the search terms into Google?

  5. Paula Murat,

    Really, really useful course! 🙂 It helped me a lot with my listening skills.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for studying with us! 🙂

  6. Joslin Hampton,

    How do I download these? after the update, I can’t download these anymore. 감사합니다

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      After we launched the membership system, some policies has been changed, so some files are no longer downloadable.

  7. Diana Paredes,

    Where can you access the audio for the conversations?

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      After we launched our new membership system, some audio files are no longer available. Premium members are the one who can access all our studying materials. Hope this helps:)

  8. Boris Yusufov,

    Hi, the course seems very helpful and well made. Thank you!
    I have a question, though. Do you have any advice on how to approach the lessons? How to listen, how many times, what to focus on, when to move on to the next lesson? Lesson plan, if you will.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      We do not have any specific plans for our learners, but we definitely recommend you to study the lessons as much as you can! You don’t need to completely understand all lessons, but keep repeating all the lessons for several times, and you will see yourself in the next level. Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Linah Mustafa Siddiq,

    It’s really helpful and I feel like there 2 korean people in front of my talking right now there voice is so clear

  10. Alec,

    Great course, one of my favourite ressources for beginners! It’s amazing for building vocabulary, getting used to sentence structures & obviously for listening practice.