IYAGI (intermediate) – Listening in 100% Natural Korean

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Target level

From low to upper intermediates

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Take your Korean listening apprehension to the next level
  • Pick up a bunch of useful expressions and words


Sample lesson


Kyung-hwa Sun

Hyunwoo Sun

Jooyeon Park

Seokjin Jin

Kyeong-eun Choi


Course language


What can you find inside the course?

  • 145 talks in natural Korean
  • Learn useful vocabulary and sentence structures

Table of contents

  1. Priority Seating For The Elderly - 노약자석
  2. Going to a Bookstore - 서점
  3. How Do You Deal With Stress? - 스트레스
  4. What Do Guys Talk About? - 남자들의 이야기
  5. Traveling - 여행
  6. Part-time Jobs in Korea - 아르바이트
  7. Working Out - 운동
  8. First Impressions - 첫인상
  9. When It Rains - 비오는 날
  10. What Drinking Habits Do You Have? - 술버릇
  11. Public Bath Houses in Korea - 공중 목욕탕
  12. Mandatory Military Service in Korea - 군대
  13. Staying Healthy - 건강
  14. Catching a Taxi in Korea - 택시
  15. Having Pets in Korea - 애완동물
  16. Blind Dates in Korea - 소개팅
  17. Korean Harvest Festival - Chuseok - 추석
  18. Have You Ever Won The Lottery? - 복권
  19. Group Blind Dates In Korea - 미팅
  20. Talk About Dreams - 꿈
  21. Using Twitter - 트위터
  22. Korean SAT - the Su-neung Test - 수능시험
  23. Coffee Shops in Korea - 한국의 카페
  24. Going to an Airport - 공항
  25. Restaurants in Korea - 한국의 식당
  26. Buses in Korea - 한국의 버스
  27. Kitchens in Korea - 부엌, 주방
  28. Playgrounds for Kids in Korea - 놀이터
  29. The Subway in Korea - 지하철
  30. What Are Your Fears? - 공포에 대해서
  31. Popular Hang-out Spots in Korea - 명동, 홍대, 강남에 대해서
  32. Delivery Services in Korea - 배달
  33. Korean Dramas - 드라마
  34. Korean Movies - 영화
  35. Social Commerce Websites - 소셜 커머스
  36. Lunar New Year's in Korea - 설날(구정)
  37. Franchise Coffee Shops in Korea - 프렌차이즈커피숍
  38. Valentine's Day in Korea - 발렌타인데이
  39. Matching Outlooks Between Couples in Korea - 커플룩
  40. How Often Do You Take Selfies? - 셀카
  41. Pizza In Korea - 피자
  42. Do You Like Milk? - 우유
  43. What Is Your Blood Type? - 혈액형
  44. Hiking Is Very Popular In Korea - 등산
  45. Kimchi - The Most Famous Korean Food - 김치
  46. Photography As A Hobby - DSLR 카메라
  47. Do You Keep A Diary? - 일기
  48. What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Snack? - 과자
  49. May Is Family Month In Korea - 가정의 달
  50. Food-Sharing Culture In Korea - 음식 나눠 먹기
  51. Kimbap - Rice Rolls - 김밥
  52. After-school Institutes In Korea - 학원
  53. School Vacation For Korean Students - 방학
  54. Studying New Languages - 외국어 공부
  55. What Is Your Definition Of Friendship? - 우정
  56. Talent Competition Shows On Korean TV - 오디션 프로그램
  57. Love Advice - 연애상담
  58. Rainy Days In Korea - Part 2 - 비오는 날 Part 2
  59. Social Media- 소셜 네트워크 서비스
  60. Famous Restaurants - Would You Wait In Line? - 맛집
  61. Membership Training - What Does That Mean? - 엠티
  62. How Often Do You Drink Cola? - 콜라
  63. Indie Music in Korea - 한국의 인디 음악
  64. Best Birthday Presents - 생일 선물
  65. Junkfood For Korean Children? - 불량식품
  66. Various Dialects in Korea - 사투리
  67. Company Dinner Culture In Korea - 회식
  68. Interesting Culture of Seonbae and Hubae - 선배 & 후배
  69. Buzzwords That Are Trending In Korea - 유행어
  70. Is There Someone You Don't Like? - 싫어하는 사람
  71. Brothers & Sisters - 형제 & 자매
  72. Playing Soccer In Korea - 축구
  73. How Do You Spend Time Alone? - 혼자서 시간을 보내는 방법
  74. Autumn Picnics In Korea - 가을 소풍
  75. What Are Your Favorite Fruits? - 과일
  76. Memorable Teachers You Had - 기억나는 선생님
  77. Casual Language vs. Formal Language - 반말/존댓말
  78. Moving In Korea - 이사
  79. Private Tutoring Is Common In Korea - 과외
  80. Do You Like Reading Comic Books? - 만화
  81. What Are Your Favorite Anniversaries? - 기념일
  82. Ramyeon Noodels In Korea - 라면
  83. What Are You Addicted To? - 중독
  84. What Kind Of Souvenirs Do You Buy? - 기념품
  85. Popular Dating Places In Korea - 데이트 코스
  86. University Circles In Korea - 동아리
  87. Singers Who Were Once Famous In Korea - 추억의 가수
  88. How Old Are You? Asking Someone's Age In Korea - 나이
  89. Embarrassing And Shocking Experiences - 황당한 경험
  90. Borrowing Books And Studying At Libraries In Korea - 도서관과 독서실
  91. Very Small Rooms For Rent In Korea - 하숙집과 고시원
  92. How Do You Pick a Team For a Game? - 편짜기 게임
  93. Where Do You Usually Go Shopping? - 쇼핑
  94. Do You Like Cooking? - 요리
  95. What Foods Do You Not Like? - 싫어하는 음식
  96. Do You Know Of Any Korean Superstitions? - 미신
  97. How Often Do You Have Nightmares? - 가위
  98. What Do You Think About The K-Wave? - 한류
  99. What Countries Would You Like To Visit? - 해외여행
  100. Which Non-Korean Dramas Do You Enjoy Watching? - 외국 드라마
  101. Architecture In Korea - 건축
  102. Embarrassing Moments - 굴욕적인 기억
  103. Housewarming Parties In Korea - 집들이
  104. Giving Carnations On Parents' Day - 카네이션
  105. Getting A Driver's License In Korea - 운전면허
  106. Korean Cold Buckwheat Noodles - 냉면
  107. Have You Ever Tried To Lose Weight? - 다이어트
  108. Have You Ever Made A Prank Call? - 장난 전화
  109. Going To Movie Theaters In Korea - 극장의 추억
  110. How Often Do You Write Letters? - 편지
  111. How Good Is Your Eyesight? - 시력
  112. Playing In The Water As A Child - 물놀이
  113. How Adaptable Are You? - 적응
  114. Have You Been To The U.K.? - 영국
  115. What Do You Think About The Olympic Games? - 올림픽
  116. Have You Been To Australia? - 호주
  117. Talent Shows At School - 장기자랑
  118. How Much Time Do You Spend On The Internet? - 인터넷
  119. Rental Shops In Korea - 대여점
  120. Corporal Punishment In Korea - 체벌
  121. Careers You Want To Have - 장래 희망
  122. Mom's Nagging - 엄마의 잔소리
  123. Gangnam - What Is The Area Like? - 강남
  124. Skincare For Men - 남자의 피부관리
  125. Bringing Lunch To Work - 도시락
  126. Samcheongdong - What Is The Area Like? - 삼청동
  127. Professional Baseball In Korea - 프로 야구
  128. Your Sleeping Habits - 잠버릇
  129. Your Hometown - 고향
  130. Traditional Marketplaces In Korea - 시장
  131. Commuting To Work - 출퇴근길
  132. Street Food In Korea - 길거리 음식
  133. How Much Sleep Do You Get Each Night? - 잠
  134. Christmas In Korea - 성탄절
  135. Aftereffects - 후유증
  136. Winter Sports In Korea - 겨울 스포츠
  137. Variety Shows On Korean TV - 연예 오락 프로그램
  138. Losing Things - 분실
  139. Taekwondo - Does Everyone In Korea Do It? - 태권도
  140. Elementary Schools In Korea - 초등학교
  141. Nicknames From School Days - 학창 시절 별명
  142. Working From a Cafe - 카페에서 일하는 것
  143. Space Travel - 우주 여행
  144. Games of Our Youth - 학창 시절 놀이
  145. Sweet Treats - 디저트


  1. Tamanna Baksh,

    This looks like a great resource! Would be helpful to have the transcripts in English too if possible. Thanks!

  2. erdene-ochir,

    When I listen to this content last time it was free but now it’s not :(( Why? I am really like this IYAGI. It is very helpful for study.
    I am from Mongolia. Thank you for doing this content and keep going!

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Except for the Essential Korean Courses, every course has belonged to Premium Membership Service. I hope you understand this. We will keep making more high-quality courses and books. 🙂 Please look forward to them ! Happy studying 🙂

  3. Denise :),

    I really like these Iyagi conversations! At first, I found them to be too fast and overwhelming, but I have begun to understand a lot of the things mentioned in the episodes! I find that the Korean transcripts are very helpful when it comes to catching things that I didn’t hear or understand. Also, I really appreciate that they are free! Thanks, TTMIK!

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for leaning Korean with us 🙂 I’m so glad that you could understand lots of Korean conversations from IYAGI ! Our transcripts are free if you’ve signed up for a Premium Membership. Listening to each episode while taking it down could make your Korean more natural. Happy studying ! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Newman,

    그런데… 석진쌤은 진짜 좋은 목소리가 있으세요. 외국인들 귀에게는 표준어보다 석진씨의 사투리가 더 좋은 것 같아요.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      석진 선생님의 사투리는 정말 매력있죠!

  5. Elizabeth Newman,

    이 시리즈 덕분에 제 실력이 진짜 늘고 있네요…. 와우 고마워요 선생님들

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      실력이 늘고 있다니 저희도 기분이 좋네요!
      감사합니다. 한국어 공부 힘내요! 🙂

  6. Justin Wilson,

    It’s frustrating that the MP3 links are randomly missing from certain lessons like #3. The reason being, I use some external software with mp3s to aid my studies (WorkAudioBook). I did try using Soundcloud savings tools to download the file also,which normally works, but for #3 it doesn’t work. Thank you

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      If you are still having the same issue, please contact us at admin@talktomeinkorean.com.
      Sorry for any inconvenience.

  7. Cliff Boyd,

    Are there any English translations for these scripts similar to the Iyagi Beginner lessons?

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      We only have the trascript for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      We’ll see if we can add English translations.

    • Elizabeth Newman,

      사실 자막이 없으니까 더 좋은 것 같아요. 왜냐하면 자막이 있으면 쉽게 컨닝 할 수 있는 것 같아요. 어떤 사람이 진짜 중급이라면 결국 풀 수 있는 것 같아요. 게다가 각각 표현을 이해해야 되지 않아요. 제 생각에는요

    • Elizabeth Newman,

      그러니까 누군가 적어도 70%에서 90%까지 이해할 수 있으면 성공인 것 같아요. 번역기도 있고요.

  8. Afifa Ulfa,

    Hope this very useful for me.. thank u so much

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for studying with us 🙂

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    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      If you are still having trouble with the issue, please email us.

  10. Theresa Samuels,

    Hi Folks. There is an error in the English above. It should read: “Take your Korean listening comprehension to the next level.”

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for letting us know.

  11. Ebony Thomas,

    This is great to listen to but where are the scripts? I’m still learning and how can I follow along? There is a tab that states that the script is available but I have yet to find it.

    • Majo Chaverri,

      Which app exactly? I found this on Spotify and Sound cloud and the link takes me either to this page or to a blog that looks like an archive that has a lot of resources, but no matter how hard I try, I still can find the transcript I need because is listed with date and the one in Spotify or Soundcloud is not the original air date.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. All scripts are under each lessons, and located in the bottom area.

    • Maylis,

      I actually found them on the app but not on the website