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  • Have a deep understanding of the Korean language by solving what you have been wondering while studying Korean
  • Learn a ton of useful expressions widely used among Koreans
  • Upgrade your Korean in general by identifying common mistakes Korean learners make and learn how to avoid them to talk more like a native
  • Speak more accurate Korean

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Table of contents

  1. Eating alone vs. together in Korea - Culture Talk
  2. Exclaiming and talking to yourself with -다 in Korean
  3. WHILE: -으면서 vs. -은 채
  4. 좋아하다 vs. 마음에 들다 (= to like)
  5. Emphasize your point with “-다고요”
  6. Why 오다 and 가다 are different from the English “come” and “go”
  7. Mentioning a Korean name followed by -아, -야, -이
  8. What does 모습 really mean?
  9. How to list multiple actions in Korean
  10. When Your First Name Is Not Used In Korea
  11. 17 different ways to say “to look/watch” in Korean
  12. What do 갑질 and 갑이다 mean?
  13. 힘들다 vs. 어렵다 vs. 피곤하다 ( Are you using them correctly?)
  14. Natural Korean Pronunciation through Assimilation (합니다 & 함니다)
  15. Common Spelling Mistakes by Korean Speakers
  16. 다니다 vs. 가다 (= to go)
  17. Common Spelling Mistakes by Korean Speakers (Part. 2)
  18. 뭐 / 무슨 / 어떤 / 어느 – Which one to use?
  19. 5 ways to say “STAY” in Korean
  20. How to read scores and grades in Korean
  21. Difference between 하면 (if) and 한다면 (if)
  22. If you can’t say 당신, how do you say YOU in Korean?
  23. 추천하다 vs. 권하다 (Do you know the difference?)
  24. 할 수 있다 vs. 할 줄 알다 (Do you know the difference?)
  25. 한 번 and 한번 are different? (Korean spacing rules)
  26. Why is “coconut” 코코넛, not 코코넡?
  27. 좀 and 조금 are not the same?
  28. How to say “WHAT IF?” in Korean
  29. Why say 여보세요 when answering the phone?
  30. What does 웃음기 mean?
  31. What is 급식체?
  32. Want (원하다 vs -고 싶다)
  33. ㄷ vs. ㄹ (pronunciation difference)
  34. Many ways to say ‘YOURSELF in Korean
  35. How do you say ‘or’ in Korean?
  36. 감사합니다 vs 고마워요
  37. What does -는 셈이다 mean?
  38. What is 막?
  39. “When” and When to Use It (때 vs. 언제)
  40. To Hate, 미워하다 vs. 싫다
  41. How is 안 and 속 different? (Both mean “inside”)
  42. Many Meanings Of 그냥
  43. How To Say “Fake News” in Korean?
  44. “여러분” vs. Everybody
  45. 쌤 [ssaem]? 선생님 [seon-saeng-nim]?
  46. “WWW” and “dot com” in Korean?
  47. Why do people say 잘 보고 가요 on my Instagram posts?
  48. The “-음” and ”-ㅁ” Sentence Ending
  49. 니가 [ni-ga] vs. 네가 [ne-ga] – How are they different?
  50. Why Is ㅅ Pronounced as [ T ]?
  51. Pronunciation Difference Between ㅐ and ㅔ?
  52. How to say “Talk To Me In Korean” in Korean?
  53. How To Pronounce “않”
  54. Understanding, Honorifics, Shall We? & Want To
  55. Being Late, Dirt, Land & Good Post
  56. In Love, Older Brother’s Wife, Sitting, Ride
  57. Dessert, Loneliness, Difference & Big Nose?
  58. Seeing a Doctor, Korean Friends & Saying Hi
  59. Nice profile, Double past tense & Locals
  60. Profile Picture, YOU, Titles & For Here
  61. Tattoo, Wisdom Tooth, Phone Call & Sleepy
  62. Pros & Cons, Plural Form, Ph.D., & Talking To Children
  63. Forget, Favorite & Fingers Crossed
  64. Fortunately, Episodes, In A Hurry & Full Of Confidence
  65. Pretty, Roger, Helpful, And I Don’t know
  66. Suddenly, Today, Tired & Good luck
  67. Spelling, Guest & Professor
  68. Family Name “Choi”, Again, Anywhere
  69. Military Salute, Follow Me & Eat More
  70. Change Clothes, Dust, and Refrigerator
  71. Embarrassing, Knives, and Growing Up
  72. Falling in love, Underground, and Fasting
  73. Dating, Shopping, And Joking
  74. Tattoo, Handstand, and Kakao Talk
  75. Self, TV Episodes, and School
  76. Hello From [Country Name]
  77. Subtitles, Professor, BRRR, and More

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    • Talk To Me In Korean,

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  2. Nguyễn Hằng,

    이 수업을 이해못합니다 왜냐하면 영어 잘 모릅니다

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      죄송하지만 현재는 영어와 한국어로만 자료를 제공하고 있습니다.
      우리 강의와 책은 쉬운 영어로 제작하고 있지만 영어가 모국어나 ESL이 아닌 고객들을 위해서 더 다양한 언어로 접근할 수 있는 자료 제작을 염두에 두고 있습니다. 이해해 주셔서 감사합니다. 😍🙌🏻

    • Vaishnavi Singh,

      Can you please tell me how to write “Vaishnavi” in Korean.
      It’s my name.
      When I am translating it in Google it keep showing “바이슈나비” but there is no “ㅠ” sound in my name.
      So, can you please help me?

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Does it sound like “she” for the “sh” part?
      It can be written as “바이쉬나비” if it does. 🙂

    • Band1tl,

      I know this might sound stupid but i moved to korea with only Hangul knowledge where do i move from there. 😊

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We recommend taking “How Korean Sentences Work.” 🙂 The course will help you learn how to build sentences.
      Thank you!