Learn to Read and Write in Korean (Hangeul)

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Target level


What can you achieve through this course?

  • Have a good grasp of how Hangeul works
  • Learn how to read and write in Korean


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Hyunwoo Sun

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What can you find inside the course?

  • 8 video lessons


Customer reviews

"Hyunwoo....I had already begun to learn the Hangul reading and writing system, So had a foundation for your videos. They really enhance my learning by watching how you form and pronounce the sounds. And the explanation of why they are formed that way. It makes such a difference. I have been learning from your TTMIK lessons, so these are a great addition to my learning process. I am 75 and have an old brain....so learning isn't quick for me. Thanks for all the good effort you take to teach us so well! And you're very pleasant to watch...you make me smile."


"I just purchased all the videos and I might have to say, IT'S VERY HELPFUL!! thank you guys so much for putting these videos together for us new learners. Also ordered the beginners book and I am very excited to continue learning at home and with my Korean friends which are helping me as well! ^-^"

Amy G.

Table of contents

  1. Basic Vowels of Hangeul
  2. Basic Consonants of Hangeul
  3. More Consonants of Hangeul
  4. Compound Vowels of Hangeul
  5. "Y" in Hangeul
  6. "Final Consonants" in Hangeul
  7. Review & Practice
  8. How to Write Hangeul