How to stop automatic payments

Thank you for studying Korean on Our Premium Membership is a subscription based service, where you pay a fee monthly or yearly for unlimited access to all the online courses on our website. If you stop your automatic payment, your account will stay active until the end of the payment period (one month or one year based on your subscription), and then expire on the next expected billing date. You can stop your automatic payment on the platform that you made your payment for the subscription.



If you paid through PayPal using your PayPal balance or your credit card, you will have received a payment notification from PayPal. You can follow the links the email from PayPal or log into your PayPal account and manage your payment there. 

  1. Log into your PayPal recurring payments page. (
  2. Click on “Show active”.
  3. Click on 주식회사 지나인(our company name) and “Cancel”. 


2Checkout (credit card) 

If you paid by entering your credit card information directly at the checkout page without going through PayPal, you paid through a service called 2Checkout. Find the email in your inbox from 2checkout containing your subscription payment information (Search “2Checkout”.) and log in on 2Checkout using your e-mail address registered with

  1. Log into your 2Checkout account. (
  2. Go to My Products.
  3. Click on “Stop automatic subscription renewal”.