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We wish to be your lifelong buddies on your journey to learn Korean. Since 2009, we have built hundreds of quality audio and video lessons and published tens of books and ebooks with which you can not only take the first step into the Korean language, but also improve it to the level of native speakers!

Now, let us show you how you can best make use of TTMIK materials by walking you through each tab on the top of the website!

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My Learning Center is where the online courses that you have added are listed. You can track each course’s progress and continue learning with the lessons you are taking!

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Click on this button to go to “My Account” where you can edit your profile and check your orders, membership status, and downloads.

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Essential Korean Courses

All of our 9 Essential Korean Courses that have been loved by hundreds of thousands of Korean learners are open to all the members regardless of their membership status! Go to take each course by clicking on the course title. The nine courses will permanently remain in your “My Learning Center” page by default.

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Premium Courses that you’ve selected and added in the Courses page are listed here. Check the progress of courses you are taking and manage your study plans more efficiently!


You can find everything you may want to know about our memberships in the Pricing tab: pricing, benefits of basic and premium memberships and FAQs. Upgrade your membership to Premium by clicking on the “Get Started” button on the table!

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In the Courses tab, you can check detailed course information, add courses into your “My Learning Center” and start to take them!

Free Essential Courses and Premium Courses

In the Courses tab, you will see Free Essential Courses and Premium Courses. There are a total of 9 Free Essential Courses and they have already been added into your “My Learning Center” by default regardless of your membership status. Each lesson is accompanied by a sample dialogue video and ten review quizzes that you can unlock only with your Premium Membership!

Unlike Free Essential Courses, Premium Courses are accessible only by Premium Members. The first lesson of each course is unlocked for Premium Members who wish to get a peek into the course before adding it to My Learning Center. Basic Members can also watch the sample lesson of each course. Just click on the course thumbnail you wish to check out!


How to choose and take a course

First, you can search for courses by type, level, purpose and theme using smart filters on the left-hand side of the website.

Second, if you see an interesting course, click on its course title, thumbnail or the “Add” button to view detailed course information. You can also take the sample lesson on the same page.

Third, click on the “Take this course” button on the top right corner to add the course into your “My Learning Center”. Now, you can start taking lessons and also see how much you have gone through on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the website. Enjoy!

Where to find attached lesson materials

You can download lesson materials on each lesson page.

By the way, your course and book reviews will make our day! We are looking forward to hearing more from our learners! XD


You can search for all the books and ebooks by type, level, theme and author with the smart filters!

Paper books

Did you know that all of our books are shipped worldwide? You can choose your preferred shipping method between untrackable standard shipping and trackable fast shipping. Standard shipping takes 2 to 3 weeks and fast shipping takes only 2 to 3 days to arrive and it’s safer!

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We also have a wide range of electronic books! You can purchase individual ebooks and study wherever and whenever you want.

Where to find the “Downloads” button

Desktop computers

Place your mouse cursor on your display name on the top right corner of the website. And click on the “Downloads” button in the drop down menu.

Mobile devices

Please click the button in the upper left corner, and then click on the arrow icon next to “My Account” to open the drop down menu. You will see the “Downloads” button there.

Search anything you’re wondering about— books, courses, grammar points and even Korean questions!

Test your Korean

If you are not sure where to start or which level you are at, we recommend you take this Korean level test first! You can take it by clicking on the Level Test button in the top menu bar of our website if you just joined us or haven’t taken the test yet. Feel free to retake the test in the footer menu whenever you want to check how much improvement you have made with your Korean.