[eBook] 우리가 사랑한 한국어 단어, 109 (Our Beloved Korean Words, 109)

In celebration of Hangeul Day, we are happy to publish our collaborative project featuring 109 Korean words we love.

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  1. Talk To Me In Korean,

    Thank you for your love!

  2. Sia N.,

    It was really cool reading what other learners thought for their words. I really liked this book. Also thank you so much for making it free, I was not expecting it, but thank you! Also definitely a nice way to learn new vocabulary!

  3. Louise,

    Thank you for this amazing book! It’s lovely to discover the reasons and stories behind various people’s word choices. At the same time, it’s also a great opportunity to brush up on vocab and to practice reading short passages in Korean (with a translation provided, which is a very helpful way to check for accuracy of understanding).

  4. Emma,

    Thank you for this book! — Its so cute and a great way to learn more vocabulary!

  5. Isabelle A,

    This is a very cute book — I like the thoughtful stories and the illustrations for every word. Thanks for making it available for free!

  6. Jocelyn Chay,

    Thank you for sharing with us this book for free ! The heartwarming thought put in by the creators is visible in the design and also stories shared. Loved it 🙂

  7. Mary Monasterio,

    Thank u for the book, loved it!

  8. Jahnavi Putrevu,

    I’m in love with this book, very fun and interesting to read. The stories are helping me to remember the words. Thank you for this book!!

  9. Wendy,

    I love this book. But I wanted to add my own recently discoverd comparison between words. The word 가방. In my own Flemish dialect the word we use for this item is Kabas. While the last part is different I think the start is very similair. Which I found funny. Considering Belgium is quite far from Korea but we still ended up with similair sounding words.

  10. TTMIK,

    This was such a great read, like all the other books from ttmik. It was very interesting & fun to read from different people, all around the World! How all these people associated specific words with memories and meanings.
    Absolutely fantastic!

  11. Khondamir Karshiev,

    It was intersting how people across the world view words differentry, adds emotional value and creates stronger association, giving unique perspectives on each student and word))

  12. Nicole Araújo,

    such a cute book! great for vocab and as well made as any other work from ttmik!

  13. Sarah Adair,

    Another great vocab book. Like other TTMIK vocab books, it has a good mix of content for all levels. I liked the little explanations/notes written in both English and Korean, because I was able to pick up even more words from these sections.

  14. kawtar slouli,

    i like this book, It is very useful

  15. Fahima T,

    I’ve been studying Korean since last year. This book is so great and fun it gives me a lot of motivation to study Korean language more and more hard. I really love this book

  16. Katie N,

    Very wholesome sweet book. Has a good mix of “easy” and random words. Good light read while also looking for new words to learn!

  17. Rebekah Paulson,

    It’s really lovely reading about the different things Korean learners like about the language. A great job done well!

  18. Mara,

    such a versatile book, you always discover fun new words whenever you open it 🙂

  19. Ash W,

    This book is such a sweet commitment between the team and the students, and it warms my heart every time I read it.

  20. SydS,

    A great book, love the stories attatched to each word. Really nice community project, good job everyone!!

  21. Wes H,

    A wonderful book with a great diversity of useful and interesting words. From bread to circuit breaker to oh gosh, these are great to use in conversations. It even has some phrases as well!

  22. Inara,

    This book is so sweet! It makes you really appreciate how beautiful the Korean language is ♡ It is obvious (as always) how much effort was put into this project! Thank you evreyone involved ♡

  23. Courtney,

    I instantly loved this book! Within the first few minutes I learned how to say my occupation: “고고학.” The personal stories are a sweet touch. I really appreciate the effort that went into making this. Thank you.

  24. Olivie Rehorova,

    What a lovely book!! I love the fact that it was created by the community as a whole and that everyone had a chance to participate. Such a sweet project!